Monday, April 30, 2012

Triple A (AAA), My Old BFF

Readers of this blog know that Miss MoneyPenny and sister Miss SmartyPants are going on a cruise in 2013.  I mentioned in an earlier post that my sister has pitted Costco and AAA in a bidding war for our cruise money and it got me to thinking about the first time I ever heard about AAA.  Back in the 70s, I had a friend who drove a beat up old VW station wagon that really was on it's last legs, er, tires.  It seemed like it always had a dead battery or a flat tire or she just forgot to put gas in it.  I would always be amazed when a nice man in a tow truck would drive up and get us running again.  For free!!

In the 90s, my sister and I took a road trip down the California coast and she had AAA plan the whole thing for us, including hotel reservations.  All we had to do was show up and we would have a room in a nice, affordable place.  They even had suggestions of interest for us, like we had dinner in a restaurant where "The Birds" was filmed.  That is a story for another time, but just think about two sisters bickering over who was going to get the view while the other one was having a hot flash and you get the idea

Anyway, I didn't become a card carrying member until 2003 and it costs me $56 a year, which I consider to be a screaming deal.  Their coverage covers YOU and whatever broke down vehicle that happens to be the problem.  The first time that I used them was when I was in Oregon.  My mother was in the hospital and the only vehicle that I had to use was my dad's big old Ford truck and I could not get it started, so I called AAA.  Ten minutes later a tow truck showed up and it said "Clyde from Glide" on the side of it.  I kid you not.  He had that truck running right away.

All my other calls have involved a dead battery due to Miss KnowItAll driving my car and leaving the lights on.  Three times I called and a handsome young man, Moses was his name, again, I kid you not, showed up and gave me a jump.  The last time, he said that he knew it was me when he got the call.  After that, I got the warning buzzer for my lights fixed.

AAA has a very user friendly homepage( and I was surprised at all the goodies they have on offer.  Not only do they save damsels in distress, they will plan your road trip or cruise and they also offer several different kinds of discounts, one of which is prescription insurance.  A friend of mine mentioned this because she doesn't have regular insurance.  According to their site, you will save an average of 24% on prescriptions, including your pets!!  This would be a big help if you are not covered by Medicare or your insurance won't cover your particular prescription.  They also cover lifestyle type things like weight loss drugs, smoking cessation products and wrinkle creams (yes!!.)

AAA gets the famous MoneyPenny Stamp of Approval and this award is not easy to come by, as you can imagine.  Before I forget, my sister gives AAA memberships as gifts.  Great idea for birthdays and Christmas, which is just around the corner.

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