Monday, April 16, 2012

Costco Coupons 4/12-5/6

Now you know that Miss MoneyPenny is a lover of all things Costco, and as good luck would have it, my daughter-in-law works there.  Being a family member comes with a Free!! membership for me but it also means that I don't get their coupon book, so I either drop by and pick one up at the Courtesy Counter, or Miss KnowItAll brings me hers.  Thank you, very much.

Costco coupons are the real deal because they make their good prices even better.  It looks to me like they have their coupons on a three month cycle, but don't quote me, so I try to stock up on my items so that they will last at least that long.  We all know that isn't hard to do since everything there comes in size Warehouse.

I have found Costco to be the best place for Special K, Palmolive, Spray 'n Wash, Refresh Eye Drops, supplements, Starbucks Coffee, Kleenex and Neutrogena Rainbath.  Guess what?  There are coupons for these products this month (4/12-5/6) and I'm gonna use them.  There is also a $70 coupon off a set of tires, so if you need them, jump on it.  I think that their tire guys are great and they take good care of a lady.  Don't forget the free tire rotation service that comes with your purchase.

I just recently noticed that QueenBeeCoupons is starting to publish a Costco price list, which is located on the right sidebar of her blog.  She hasn't got everything and she is geared toward young families, but I still find it helpful.  I make the guy from Seattle a loaf of bread every week and was starting to realize how expensive yeast at QFC was.  I noticed that yeast was on her list and ended up getting a two pound bag for the same price as the six-pack (1/4 ounce each) that I bought at QFC.  I know, I know.  That is a mountain of yeast, but it seems quite happy in the fridge.

Cruise Fund Update:

Old Balance = $291.03

                     + 400.00 (Tax refund)

New Balance = $691.03

It is starting to look like Miss SmartyPants is going to live through tax season, so in a few days, after she has recovered her sense of humor, we will be deciding just how important that porthole really is.

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