Monday, April 9, 2012

Mornin' After

Miss MoneyPenny aways takes the day after Easter off from work to recover.  Now I know you are going to jump to the conclusion that our Easter celebration includes a drunken blowout, and you would be wrong because we need to bring our A-game to this little party.

My kids put on a fabulous feast and we never know from year to year what the menu will be.  Sometimes it is the family tradition - ham, which is good but boring.  One year we had barbecued ribs and all the sides that go with it.  Yum!!  This year it was fajitas and they were crazy good.  For the last couple of years, my granddaughter (who is preggers!! surely Miss MoneyPenny is way too young to be a great-grandmother!!) has been bringing jalapeno poppers and they are the bomb.  I helped her make them and they are a real workout to put together but totally worth it.

Desert deserves it's own paragraph.  My daughter-in-law stayed up until midnight the night before putting together a triple layer, made from scratch, carrot cake.  We ate every last crumb and it had enough frosting, but in case you needed more, she had a bowl in the fridge.  Don't you just hate carrot cake with stingy cream cheese frosting?

My son, the plumber, decided several years ago that he needed to make Easter a little more interesting, so he came up with idea of the "Adult Easter Egg Hunt."  This involves 60 plastic Easter eggs, hidden diabolically all over his five acres.  And that acreage includes ravines and forest.  Inside of these eggs are little pieces of paper with numbers.  The numbers are for your turn at the wall, which is scratch tickets duct taped up in several rows.  We are talking competition here and the rules are terrifying and you can be disqualified for the least little infraction.  I've actually seen somebody cry, which worked because they were let back in.

This may not sound like it, but this is hysterically fun.  We've hunted our eggs in gale force wind, sleet and driving rain.  This year it was sunny and warm - almost felt like we were cheating as we dug around under ferns and climbed trees and stuck our fingers in scary places to get that very important egg.

My parents, Granny and Bubby, were really big on holiday traditions and it thrills me that my son is keeping it all going...even if I do have to take a day off to recover.

Cruise Fund Update:

Old balance = $259.03
                     +    32.00 (Easter scratch ticket winnings)

New balance = $291.03

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