Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grocery Basket 4/26

Miss MoneyPenny and Miss KnowItAll are going shopping in Silvertown on Saturday and we are going to hit the Macy's sale with our coupons.  I need to figure out what kind of clothes
I'm going to wear now that I'm going to be retired come June 1st.  So this is more of a reconnaissance mission, but if I see a screaming deal, I'll be all over it.  I'll report back about what I see.

The QFC ad is just not exciting this week but there are a few goodies.  This is what I'm looking at:

Boneless Flat Iron Steak - $4.99/lb
Ranger Free Range Whole Chickens - $1.59/lb
Fresh Wild Dover Sole - $5.99/lb
Pears - $1/lb
Fuji Apples - .78/lb
Avocados or Mangoes - .88/ea
Navel Oranges - .88/lb
Vidalia Onions - $1/lb

Cruise Update:

Miss SmartyPants (she didn't get that name for nothin') is now pitting AAA against Costco for the best deal on our cruise.  It never occurred to me to call the folks up at AAA and ask if they could beat Costco's price, but what a good idea!!  Now she is going to call up Costco and ask if they can beat AAA.  A bidding war!!  I hope we don't end up on a slow boat to China, but I'm game.

Food Waste Update:

Okay, what are we looking at here.  I was hoping that I could get the essence of this poor apple that got pushed to the back of the staff refrigerator.  It is really withered up and soft.  As for the pineapple, there is no excuse whatsoever.  I just didn't get around to finishing it off before it became penicillin.

And the bottle of shame?  I know I said I was going to kick the habit, but it ain't worth getting up in the morning without it for me.  What on earth do they put in that stuff, anyway?  It was like jonesing for a smoke.  I was acting like the guy from Seattle when he forgets to put his patch on first thing in the morning.  I know how bad this stuff is for me, but they don't call 'em vices for nothing.

Cha Ching: $2.00

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