Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Food Waste Redux

One of the things that I'm planning on when I retire is to get a better hold on the old grocery budget and address food waste in the MoneyPenny household.  Tall order, I know.  It seems to me, and I hope that I'm being realistic here, is that the lack of time is my main problem.  I usually take the time to plan my grocery spending, but then I run out of weekend before I get everything cooked and prepared.  Then I go out to lunch or dinner and something sits and festers in the fridge.  I'm sure you are familiar with all of this.

I came across this great graphic by the people at Door to Door Organics and thought you might be interested. 

Food Waste Update:

I feel really guilty about my latest entries.  The bowl is a roasted cauliflower soup that I made and it didn't taste that good.  Instead of trying to fix it, I forgot about it.  The tomato actually has fuzz on it.  I read that tomatoes should not be put in the fridge, so I didn't.  The jar is some pesto that is older than I am.

Cha Ching:  $7.00 (ouch!!)

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