Monday, April 23, 2012

Costco Pet Meds

You may think that Miss MoneyPenny needs to get a life if she sits around reading the monthly Costco magazine, but I read it cover to cover and almost always find something interesting.

I may have mentioned before that my twelve year old schnauzer has a bum ticker and takes medicine.  I'm not complaining here, because two years ago I thought she was a goner.  What I am complaining about is the way her pills keep going up in price.  She takes three medicines and half of a baby aspirin and it used to cost me around $35 a month.  Now it is $45.60.

Where am I going with this, you ask.  In the April issue of the Costco Connection magazine they have an article about pet medicines.  They have a program called Costco Member Prescription Program (CMPP) for members that do not have prescription drug coverage.  Guess what!!  They consider your pet part of the family, so their prescriptions qualify for this program and you will be getting the lowest possible Costco price.  Pinch me.  I must be dreaming.

The way I'm gonna work this one is tell my vet that I'm retiring, and due to the fact that I'm going to be pretty broke COBRAing my own insurance for 18 months, I need to control costs.  So please write up Pici's prescriptions so that I can take them to Costco and save some money.  That should do it.  He may not be happy about it but I'm sure $45 a month won't make or break him.

P.S.  I don't work for Costco.  I'm just working their deals.

Cruise Fund Update:

Old balance = $692.48

                    +      2.75 (Free slice of pizza after 10 slices - don't forget to use those loyalty cards)

New balance = $695.23


  1. You're an extremely good provider and surrogate mom for your animals.

    How would you like another pet?

  2. I have been buying my petmeds at and saving almost half over what my veterinarian charges.