Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Announcement!!

Miss MoneyPenny is finally going to do it.  I've been threatening for a long time and now I'm taking the leap.  After over 28 years at the Library, I'm throwing in the towel.  My last day will be May 31st.

This may come as a shock but once I told everyone and got signed up for Social Security, I started in on a good old meltdown.  You do know about the seven stages of grief?  I'm in the stage known as PANIC!!  Even though I have very carefully thought and planned this out, it is still very scary - almost like bungee (sp?) jumping.

I have always worked and sometimes at two jobs, so my life has been structured around the job.  I have been in hurry-up mode so long, I fear that I may have become addicted.  When people ask me what I'm going to do, I tell them that I'm not going to do anything.  They get all worried and are probably thinking that I will lay around in my jammies all day and read novels.  Sounds great, doesn't it?

Seriously, the first of June is when I really start going after my veggie garden and I thought it would be nice to actually have as much time as I want to work outside and lay around on the deck.  I want to get up when I wake up and go to bed when I feel like it, and take long naps.  I look forward to spending as much time as I can with my friends, rather than always rushing.  And of course, the first week of retirement will be spent on the Oregon Coast with Sister SmartyPants.

So you see how this is going.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve for later, but right now, I've got a bad case of Senioritis.  I remember well how it feels to be a high school senior right before graduation.  Hopefully, I won't behave THAT badly!! but you can never tell.

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