Friday, November 30, 2012

Crabtree & EEEEvelyn Deal


Who knew that is how you pronounce Crabtree & Evelyn, but it's true.  I called them to ask a question about my order and it is definitely a long eeee.

Anyway I want to tell you about a deal that I found on today and it is a good one.  You know how Miss MoneyPenny goes through good hand cream since my hands look like they have had a hard life, and they have.  What with waitress work, library work, homemaking and gardening my hands are a wreck.  So, here is the deal:

Go to and click on the Editor's Choice tab.  Scroll down to the Crabtree & Evelyn deal and click on it.  The way you work this deal is buy five of the Hand Therapy creams (small size).  At checkout you end up paying a total of $10!! with free shipping.  I think that this is a one day deal, so if you are interested, jump on it and I did.  This is excellent hand cream, by the way and a very good deal.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Costco Coupons 11/26-12/16/12


Now, you know that Miss MoneyPenny gives Subway a thumbs up.  I love their subs and don't feel like I've over indulged when I eat there.  This is exciting, but according to Facebook, December is Customer Appreciation Month and you can get a 6 inch sub for $2!!  I've noticed that Heather over at queenbeecoupons is talking about it, too, so I'm reasonably sure that this is the deal, although I haven't seen it advertised on TV yet.

If you are in the mood for a new laptop, Costco is offering coupons for $100 off several different brands, so that is worth a look.  There are also $3 coupons for several different vitamins.  I've found that Costco is a good place for drug storey type items and you can really save a bunch.  Example:  I got a bottle of 365 generic Zyrtec for $14.99 and you know how expensive Zyrtec is.  This little hint came from my physician when I flinched at the expense of taking a Zyrtec every night forever. 

This is my list of coupons:

Finish Powerball - $3.25 limit 5
Wisk Laundry Detergent - $3.50 limit 5
Philips Sonicare - $25
Kitchenaid Dish Rack - $5
Palmolive - $2 limit 2
Dove Bar Soap - $3.50 limit 2
Dove Body Wash - $3 limit 2
Nexxus Therappe Shampoo - $4 limit 4

You are probably wondering what the dish rack is all about.  I'm still using a brown and very ugly dish rack from the 70s, but I haven't gotten excited enough to buy a new one.  I'm gonna take a look at this Kitchenaid dish rack.  How cool could it be??  Here is a picture of the one that I've been using for almost 40 years:

Usually when I put my veggie garden to bed for the winter, that is it, until spring.  But this year I have a little winter garden.  Nothing fancy.  Just a row of Swiss chard and a 1 x 4 plot of lettuce.  All I did with the lettuce is sprinkle a mix of leftover seeds thickly over the dirt and scratched them in.  I've been eating the most wonderful lettuce and it even survived the 27 degree nights that we had last week.  Who knew??  Here is what I picked today:

And I know that colander is ugly but I've had it since the 60s and I don't plan on replacing it.  I bought it at McKay's Food Market in Reedsport, Oregon on my first grocery shopping trip as a new bride in 1967.  Some things are sacred and that colander is one of them.  And yes, we got married young back then.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

QFC Grocery Basket 11/28


Yep, it's true!!  The Full Beaver Moon is tonight.  The MoneyPenny Research Department did some digging to see what is going on with this moon.  This moon is an apogee full moon which means that it is at its most distant from the earth, being 252,522 miles out there.  Since it is so far away it will look like our smallest and dullest moon.  It is sometimes called The Full Frosty Moon.

Here is the official version of why this moon is called The Full Beaver Moon:

The U.S. Naval Observatory’s Geoff Chester offers the reasoning behind the name: “[The] name comes from Native American skylore reminding trappers to set their final traps for the season before the beaver ponds freeze up for the winter,” Chester writes.

Huh.  Not very friendly, is it??  Miss MoneyPenny thinks that it is obvious what is going on here.  The beavers are getting on their bikes and heading for Florida to their winter digs.  Who wants to deal with frozen beaver ponds and cold hearted trappers, anyway??  That's a no brainer.

Enough fun.  We gotta go shopping.  I look at these sales prices and just cringe.  Grocery prices just keep going up and it scares me.  I've been doing a lot more grocery shopping at Costco these days but you really have to be on your toes there.  One mistake can wipe out your savings, easily.  Here are what I consider to be the deals this week at QFC:

Orowheat Bread - $2.50/loaf
C&H Brown/Powdered Sugar - $2.99/2lb (coupon for $ .50 off RP/11/4)
Gold Medal Flour - $2.50/5lb
Tully's Coffee - $5.99/12oz or 12ct
Hunt's Tomatoes - $1/can
Darigold Butter - $2.50/lb
International Delight - $2.79/32oz (coupon for $1 off 2 S/11/11)
Boneless Top Round Roast - $4.49/lb
Fresh Wild Dover Sole - $5.99/lb
Nature Sweet Cherry Tomatoes - BOGO/10.5oz
Eggplant - BOGO
Fuji Apples - $ .99/lb
Bartlett Pears - $ .99/lb
Medium Hass Avocados - $ .99/ea
Purina Dog Food - $10.99/16-18lb bag (coupon for $1 off S/11/18)

This list is not very exciting but there are a couple of possibilities here.  One is to pair the eggplant and tomatoes with zucchini, onions and a red pepper and make ratatouille.  I love that stuff and it goes on everything, including toast.  And since we are talking toast, I make my own bread and I am totally out of flour, so will be picking up both white and whole wheat Gold Medal flour.  I'm going to buy at least three pounds of Fuji apples in case they need to become applesauce.  I hate to bite into a mushy apple but love applesauce, especially on my yogurt.

This is a picture that I snapped yesterday morning in the sun at 28 degrees.  These white headed frozen sedums (Autumn Joy) show that there is beauty in the garden almost all year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fleas in Hadlock

There she is.  The world's most expensive cat.  DC was a rescue kitty and sometimes I feel like taking her back down to the library and reinstating her in the bush that I found her in.  But...I love her and she is totally devoted to me, so there you have it.
Anyway, her latest deal is that she is taking in Hadlock Fleas that are becoming resistant to Frontline Plus!!  I double dosed her (twice in two weeks) trying to kill them but only ended up almost killing her.  So, a phone call to Dr. Cindy was in order.  What to do??  I can't stand fleas!!
After she got me calmed down (she is Miss Maggie May's daughter in law, so she gets me) she told me that lots of people are having this problem.  The fleas are smart and tough and are figuring out how to not only survive, but thrive on flea meds!!  A very scary thought.  So, this is what she told me to do.  Dose DC up with Advantage and then two weeks later, hit her with the Frontline again.  Do this every two weeks until you get on top of it.
The reason that you can do this is that you are dosing with two different formulas that target different areas.  My experience was that just changing to Advantage got rid of the fleas, but I will check in two weeks.
Now you are probably wondering where I'm going with this one.  When I went to the local pet store, one dose of Advantage was $20.  When you buy the six pack at Costco of Frontline, it runs about $11.50 or so a dose.  I'm maybe going to need a lot of flea meds, so this could get real expensive, since I have three animals that get it.  So I went online.
I found that 1800PETMEDS had 6% back through Ebates, so I went there.  I only needed Advantage for the kitty because I'm pretty well stocked for the dogs.  This is how the deal worked:
4 pack Advantage II        $44.99 (still cheaper than Costco)
                                       -   4.50  Coupon Code
Total                               $40.49  ($10.12 per dose and free shipping)
And $2.43 into my Ebates account.   This is not what I would call a screaming deal but not bad.  Certainly better that $20 per dose.
I did take a picture of the last of the blooms on my Christmas cactus.  It is a traditionally colored pink cactus but in the last couple of years, it has also added a few white blooms and they are gorgeous:

Cruise Fund Update:

Old Balance           =  $652.52

                               +       2.50 Senior Movie Savings (Skyfall)

                               +     26.65 Amazon Sale

New Balance         =  $681.67

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday!!


Now you know that Miss MoneyPenny gives Black Friday a pass because she thinks that it is uncivilized.  Witness the unseemly pictures of people pushing, shoving and slugging that have been on the news.  Shudder!!

Miss MoneyPenny much prefers Cyber Monday and there are some great deals to be had, but before you start, I have one word for you - Ebates!!  All you do, and this is totally free, is go to their site and sign up for an account and you will never shop online again without them.  This is free money!!  I've received over $300 dollars and I live on a very limited income.  My sister buys for her business and really cleans up.

Here is just a tiny sampling of the deals through Ebates today:

Dell - 8%
Macy's - 6%
Amazon - 6%
Old Navy - 10%
Kohl's - 8%
Gap 10%

Example:  you buy a new laptop from Dell for your very own Christmas present for $1000.  Today you would receive $80 in your Ebates account and that is just one retailer.  Think what your account would look like if you did all your shopping this way.  This definitely has earned the famous MoneyPenny Seal of Approval.

The other day I was at Peninsula Credit Union wowing the girls with my Ebates check.  They must think that I need to get a life because I'm always telling them about deals and good coupons.  I noticed that they had their Christmas tree up.  After further inspection, I saw that they had tags for ornaments.  Come to find out, there is a program in our county called Tri Area Christmas for Children.

What you do is choose a tag or tags and buy that item.  You then return it, unwrapped, with the tag, to Peninsula Credit Union, no later that December 16th, and they will see that it gets wrapped and to the kids.  It breaks my heart that there are kids in our community that won't get a Christmas present any other way.  Here is my tag:

You remember that I promised you pictures of my broth making process.  I started with a Costco chicken because I went to my son's house for Thanksgiving so I didn't have a turkey carcass.  All you do is throw your carcass, skin and any other bits into your crockpot.  I added two stalks of celery, some leftover grated carrots, an onion (skin and all), pepper, stalks of thyme from the garden, and a couple of bay leaves.  Cover with water.  This is what it looked like after cooking all night:

I let it cool so that the fat would harden on the top:

After I removed the fat, I ended up with two quarts and one pint of broth for the freezer:

As you can see, this was totally easy peasy.  This is almost free broth from bones that would just have been thrown in the garbage.  And this broth is much tastier and richer than the canned stuff.  Try this out and give old Swanson a run for their money.

Check out these shrooms that are growing all over my front yard.  If anyone knows what they are (I'm thinking the Bookmobile lady might know) let me know.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Pictures 2012

There is just something about a new baby to make holidays more special.  Miss Aslyn Grace is the first of the great-grandchildren and she is a beauty.  I decided instead of lecturing at you and telling you what to do like your mother that I would share some pictures of our Thanksgiving.  The first one is, of course, Aslyn:

And my beautiful daughter-in-law, Grandma Peggy:

 Handsome Baby Daddy, Kevin:

Handsome grandson, Uncle Eli:

And very pretty Baby Mama, Haley:

Our table, decorated by Haley who does good work:

The perfectly cooked turkey:

Making gravy in our family is man's work:

SERIOUS man's work:

And great-grandma MoneyPenny:

I hope that you are having a great holiday weekend and I will be back on Monday and that is a threat!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday in Port Hadlock

Now you know that Miss MoneyPenny doesn't do Black Friday.  Miss Maggie May and I decided to experience it one year at the mall in Silverdale.  Never again.  I've seen better behaved people in kindergarten.  Anyway, shopping Cyber Monday is much more civilized.

Miss MoneyPenny prefers to meet up with a friend on that day for lunch and a movie.  This year Miss KnowItAll and I are heading out to see Skyfall.  I love the new James Bond and have been eagerly anticipating it.  I don't know that I can say the same for KnowItAll but she is a good sport and has endured several of them with me.  A true friend, indeed.

Before I head out for baby holding and Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to tell you that Port Hadlock Yarns is having a sale for Black Friday.  It runs from 9 to 5, with beverages and treats, and 30% off selected years.  I'm gonna drop by and see if that expensive sock yarn I've been looking at is on sale.

Also, don't throw away that turkey carcass.  Make broth.  If you don't have the time or energy, and I can relate, wrap it up and freeze it until you do have time.  I know!!  Sounds strange, doesn't it??  I can't remember who does this but I suspect my sister.  I had a Costco chicken carcass that I put in the crockpot last night and woke up this morning to amazingly beautiful broth.  I'll share the pictures later but I gotta get out of here and on the road.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 Easy Peasy Handy Dandy Crockpot Recipes


This lonely tomato is the last of the green ones that I picked from the garden when I figured that growing season was over.  I loaded up my old orange colander and left them out on the counter.  Every couple of days I'd get a ripe one.  Every one of them ripened and they were delicious, except for the two that also rotted as they ripened.  They went out to continue rotting in the compost.

These tomatoes got me to thinking about how far Americans have come from being good stewards of our households and finances.  I think it started in my Baby Boom generation because my parents were certainly thrifty.  My mother always scraped the butter wrapper to get the very last little bit and would use the wrapper to grease pans before she threw it away.  She didn't waste anything, sometimes endangering our health in the process.

We waste.  And at an appalling level, averaging 30 to 60% of the food we buy.  That is a lot of money which would probably fix the national debt.  But boomers are smart and a lot of us are trying to get back onto our parents bandwagon.  It turns out that they were pretty savvy, also.  Who knew??  There might be something to that butter wrapper scraping.  Say that three times!!

In the spirit of not wasting diddly, I noticed that I had about three pounds of apples in the crisper that were languishing.  I bought a big bunch of those Honeycrisp apples that were on sale for $1.48 per pound but they were not crisp and I just can't do an apple this is not crisp, so there they sat:

I washed them, cored and cut them up, and put them in my crockpot and sprinkled them liberally with cinnamon, and added a half cup of water:

After six hours, they looked like this, reduced by half and mushy.  The house smelled amazing!!

Then they went into the French food mill, which is your old mama's idea of a food processor:

I tasted the applesauce and decided it only needed about a half cup of sugar.  Depending on the apples, I've added vanilla and even a shot of lemon to get it right before.  This is what I ended up with for the freezer:

The other recipe is turkey broth.  After you have cleaned as much meat off the turkey carcass as you can, take it and throw it in your crockpot with a couple celery stalks, couple carrots and an onion, roughly chopped.  I even throw in any skin or dabs of gravy that are left over.  I add thyme and/or any other herb that looks good from the garden and pepper.  No salt.  Cover with water.  Let it cook all night.  Throw away what is left after you strain it.  It has done it's job.
After it has cooled in the fridge, I remove the hard layer of fat and put it in containers for the freezer.  This broth is rich in flavor and color, perfect for soups.  The best part is that it is practically free!! and just waiting for your next batch of chicken noodle soup, or anything else that you need broth for.

Cruise Fund Update:

Old Balance     = $611.30

                        +      41.22 Ebates check

New Balance   = $652.52

My goal is to save $2000 for my cruise in September next year by using "found" money.  Found money is any money that is not a paycheck.  It has been an interesting exercise to see just how much loose money comes our way.  In total, $1002.52 has made its way into my hot little hands, starting February 24, 2012.  I did take $350 out for the deposit on the trip.  I am finding that now that I'm retired and not spending as much money as in the past, that I'm not seeing as much found money,  but I'm still gonna take a big chunk out of that $2000.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Talking Turkey

Miss MoneyPenny doesn't like roast turkey.  There I said it.  That being said, I do like turkey sandwiches and I like having several bags of chopped cooked turkey in the freezer for soups and such.  But I just can't get excited about turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing, unless, of course, it is my sister's famous oyster stuffing.  I'm usually happy with wine, appetizers and desert, as long as it isn't pumpkin pie.  Good grief, MoneyPenny, but you are an old grouch.

Anyway, for years my turkeys were always very dry because I cooked them to death.  I was complaining about this at work several years ago when Miss Peggy Lee, a lovely lady who used to volunteer at the library, told me about her method and I've never looked back.

What you do is run up to the store and get a pack of those Reynolds Cooking Bags in turkey size.  I know!!  I was surprised that they came that big, too.  Take the giblets out and get them on a back burner for gravy.  Rinse and pat dry.  Season your bird.  I butter up the breast under the skin and on top but you don't have to.  Place one tablespoon of flour in your bag and swoosh it around.  Stick your bird in, fasten and tuck in the end.  Cut six small slits in the top for air.  It will look like this:

Roast at 350.  It will cook faster in the bag, so consult the chart that comes with the cooking bag and keep your thermometer handy.  When you take it out of the oven, let it sit for a few minutes before you carve.  You will have a beautiful and moist turkey.

I never put stuffing inside the turkey.  According to the Butterball ladies it is not safe.  My sister, the queen of stuffing, makes a giant pan of stuffing and cooks it along side.  Maybe she will give up her oyster stuffing recipe and I'll share.


Be careful when you are pouring the goody juices from the bag for gravy.  Very hot and the bag is unwieldy.  Then wad up the bag and throw it away.  Clean up done.  No baked on crusty roasting pan to soak and scrub.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap 11/19




Now this is going to come as a shock, considering my recent post saying that I always take the green bean casserole for Thanksgiving.  I was shocked.  It seems that my son, the plumber, is done with it after decades of eating it at Thanksgiving!!  I never saw that one coming.  Instead, he has requested the above shrimpy thing for the appetizer.

This is an old recipe from the 50s given to me by my friend Theresa who lives in Portland, where we used to live.  Her mom, who has since passed at the age of 96 or 98, used to be a career woman and she did a lot of entertaining and this was her dish.  She outlived three husbands, marrying the last time in her 80s, and they were all love matches.  She was a peach and loved to go dancing and always started the day with a shot of brandy in her coffee. 

This is very simple and quite tasty, as I remember it.  I no longer eat shellfish since I hate to break out into hives and have my tongue swell up.  Now, that is just wrong.  I love shellfish.  Anyway, to make this dish, all you do is mix a half pound of cooked shrimp meat with a spicy cocktail sauce and a shot of lemon, then pour over a brick of cream cheese and serve with crackers.  I usually serve it in this dish which was given to me just for this purpose:

I will be attending Thanksgiving with this guy:

Not this guy who is going to spend the holiday with his sisters:

Dave Brice
But they don't have this little sweetie who loves to be held, my beautiful great-granddaughter:
I've been to his sister's and they really put on a spread.  They are two lovely ladies who happen to be twins and have several very charming children between them, plus all the boyfriends and girlfriends.  I have a great time, I say, no baby.
Enough of the lovey dovey baby stuff.  I want to mention that the response to Port Hadlock Yarns Knit for Homeless Teens has been wonderful.  Cindy said that the person who came to pick up the hats and scarves got very emotional when she saw how many there were.  One of the ladies in my Sock Club has made four hats.  I'm on my second hat and I did forget to take a picture of the first one but will remember for this one.  The pattern works up nicely and is very well written if you are a new knitter and want to join in.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sane Couponing Redux Again

Miss MoneyPenny thinks that it is time to go over her sane couponing method again for new readers.  My granddaughter has recently become a new mama and is now reading my blog and it reminded me that maybe not everyone gets the RP/11/4 (Redplum/Nov/4) speak when it comes to the grocery sales.  The guy from Seattle is always asking me what BOGO (buy one, get one free) means.

Above is the file box that I use for the Sunday coupon inserts that come in the paper.  I do not clip coupons until I need them.  I'm crazy enough, as it is.  What I do is mark the date on them and file them away until needed.

I have a hanging folder for four current months.  I've never found that I've needed a coupon from any month before then.  When the new month arrives, I throw out the oldest set of coupons and start a new folder.  I just keep recycling the folders, putting the latest discarded month in the back of the box.  That way they stay in month order and I just grab the first one, which will be December soon.  Easy peasy!!

Sounds too easy, doesn't it??  It is!! 

So how do you use this system??  When the weekly grocery flyer comes out I make a list of what I want to buy, plus, what is on sale.  Then I go to a coupon site like  There are gobs of these sites out there but I like this one because I've found it to be fast and accurate. 

For example:  Nalley's pickles are on sale and you want to know if there is a coupon.  Go to this site and put in Nalley's and all the available coupons pop up.  Magic!!  This will tell you which insert it is in and the date (RP/11/4) and the amount of the coupon.  All you have to do is go to your file box, easily find the filed insert and clip.  The hardest part of this method is remembering to take your clipped coupons to the store.

This method works for stores other than grocery stores.  Target is a good example because they also have their store coupons (I get mine off their website, and stack them with manufacture coupons, getting a good deal on products already on sale.  Remember - you cannot stack two manufacture coupons.  I've also used coupons at restaurants, making sure to tip on the original amount.  Having been a waitress, I don't like to get a deal at the expense of a working mom or dad.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Crest White Strips has a $10 rebate in the November P&G insert.  Here is a possible deal for that. is 12% back on Ebates right now and they have the strips on sale for 25% off and free shipping.  This is how it looks:

Crest White Strips       $40.99 sale price

                                   -    4.92 Ebates

                                   -   10.00 rebate

Total cost for sparkling white teeth is $26.07.  Regular price is $54.99.  Not quite 50% savings but pretty close.

I hope this gets you on the road to sane couponing.  It becomes a lifestyle.  Who wants to pay retail, anyway??

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

QFC Grocery Basket 11/14


Come on!!  Admit it!!  You love it, too, don't you??  Disgusting but traditional, and great as an ingredient in that famous after Thanksgiving sandwich, which also includes oyster stuffing and cranberry sauce.  And the ingredients are on sale this week, so there is no excuse not to make it.

QFC has a good ad this week and it runs from today until Thanksgiving.  They are running some good promotions this week which includes turkey.  Buy $30 worth of groceries and get your bird for $ .49 per pound.  You do have to hit the $30 threshold first, which is nothing these days.

Also, buy 4 General Mills cereals at 4 for $10 and get a free gallon of milk.  Be sure and check for coupons for your favorite cereal at and that would be an even better deal.

Of course, you saved your November P&G insert that we got on October 28 because it is going to come in handy for the P&G Buy4/Save $4 promotion.  Proctor & Gamble is not just Tide.  It is everything from Pampers to Iams to Pantene, and so on.  Be on the lookout for the tags through out the store.  And if you use Crest White Strips, there is a $10 mail-in rebate in the insert.

It is a long list today and I'm gonna try and keep it organized by the way I start in the store:

QFC Butter - $2/lb
QFC Whipping Cream - $2/16oz
Philadelphia Cream Cheese - $1.25/ea
QFC Sour Cream - $1/16oz
Coffee Mate Creamer - $2.99/32oz
Private Selection Turkey - $ .49/lb after $30 in groceries
Butterball Turkey - $1.99/lb
Nabisco Snack Crackers - $1.99/ea
Franz Brown 'n Serve Rolls - $2
King Arthur's Flour - $3.99/5lb
Del Monte Green Beans - $ .75/ea
French's French Fried Onions - $2.99/6oz
Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup - $1/ea
Starbuck's Coffee - $6.99/12 oz
Celery - $ .69/lb
Fuji Apples - $ .99/lb
Brussel Sprouts - $2.49/lb
Cranberries - $2.50/12 oz
Asparagus - $2.49/lb

P&G Deals & Coupons From Insert - must buy any combination of 4 P&G products

Pantene - $2.99/promo/$1 coupon
Crest - $1.79/promo/$ .75 coupon
Tide - $4.99/promo/$2 off 3 coupon
Pampers - $8.49/promo/$2 coupon (check it out, Haley)

I'm a very happy camper as my son, the plumber, and my DD-in-law cook up the Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm in charge of the green bean casserole.  What a treat!!  I think that Thanksgiving is the toughest meal to get on the table.  Reminds me of the time that everybody was ready to eat and the turkey was still frozen in the middle.  I know that dinner ended up being served and was delicious but I don't remember how, as I had collapsed in a puddle of tears.  Long time family friend, Warren, took one look and handed me a glass of wine and told me to go sit down while he took over.  A friend indeed.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Recap 11/11

On Friday Miss CutiePie picked me up and we met up with Miss KnowItAll at Pippa's Real Tea Shop in Port Townsend for lunch and tea and, of course, scones and jam.  What a treat!!  This is a tea experience taken to a whole new level and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Each of our teas came in the above pictured contraption, served with a little hour glass.  When the hour glass ran out, we plunged our tea.  Very civilized.

I want to also mention the scones.  Now these are not Puyallup Fair scones which are as big as a hamburger bun.  These are dainty scones, so you can really pile on the jam and clotted cream and not feel like a pig, but that has never stopped me in the past, now that I think about it.  And the place was doing a very brisk business and sold out of their pasties and other British type foods, so go early.

This is a picture of my beautiful nasturtium bed after a couple of nights at 27 degrees.  Green slime, but now it is time for the vincas (on the left) to show off with their sweet little blue flowers.  It will look much nicer once I get the nasties out of there.  I was going to work outside today before the rain came but I froze my a** off on my walk this morning.  It was 37 degrees, not bad, but when the wind came up, I was unhappy and my ears were like ice.

Yesterday I was planning on making the polenta and kale recipe that Margaret had on her blog, but I was going to substitute my Swiss chard.  It looked like this:

So I went to plan B which was spicy chicken soup.  I'm going to compost the frozen leaves and it looks like the newer more protected leaves will make it for a while longer, but I was worried that if I cut them, it would be over for the chard for the year.  We'll see.

QFC had pot roast on BOGO this week.  I usually don't buy meat on BOGO because I believe that they jack the price per pound up and you aren't really getting that good of a deal, but I was in the mood for pot roast.  I found two small roasts for $16 and $17 going at $5.99 per pound, so I paid $3 a pound, which is more reasonable.  It scares me to even think about the Christmas prime rib if a small pot roast could go for $17.  If you see a deal on prime rib, jump on it and freeze it.

So, speaking of pot roast, I got mine going in the crock pot this morning, complete with the carrots and the last potato from the garden.  Check out the difference in the potato from the garden and the store potatoes on the right:

Which would you rather eat??  I'm gonna grow a lot more potatoes next year.  And onions.  They were definitely the highlight of the garden this year.  I cut up the carrots and potatoes and put the roast on top.  I covered it with an old 60s recipe, which is a can of mushroom soup, a package of onion soup mix and a big splash of Lea & Perrins (mixed first.)  This makes fabulous gravy and gives the roast and veggies really good flavor.  The leftovers make great soup with the addition of beef broth or water.

Amaryllis Update:

It doesn't look good for the amaryllis.  The greenery had turned to mush so I gave it a trim.  I don't see anything that gives me hope, but I'll give it until the 1st before I go out and buy another one.

Here is a picture of the Christmas cactus from my mom's house.  For the last couple of years it has decided to grow some white flowers along with the red.  Very strange, indeed.

I plan to repot it after the it quits blooming.  Here is how a broken piece (thanks, DC) that I planted that lives above my computer is doing:


New Bird Feeding Station Update:

The birds that hang out in my back yard are blonde birds.  They kept going to the old moldy hard to clean feeder which was empty, so I sprinkled bird seed all around the new feeders.  They gobbled it up and had bird fights but still ignored my new feeders.  After several days, they have finally noticed the new feeders.  Sheesh!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Costco Coupons 11/8 - 11/25


Today is USMC day and it is appropriate because today is also my dad's birthday and he was a Marine in WWII.  Dad was barely out of high school when he went to war in the South Pacific.  He kept his war stories to himself until Tom Brokaw wrote a book on the Greatest Generation and then he opened up.  I was stunned by his stories.  I knew he had a pilot's license but had no idea of how he used it in the war.  I thought Marines were on the ground.  Happy Birthday, Bubby.  He would have been 88.  I was very proud of him.

If you want a really detailed account of the Costco coupons, head on over to Heather's site at QueenBee Coupons.  That girl does a good job on her blog and I check her out daily.  She covers almost everything that a young family could need and is very personable.

There are some standouts this time which include the Kitchenaid Mixer and 6 quart stainless steel Crockpot, just in time for holiday baking and slow cooked stews.  My son, the plumber, got me a red Kitchenaid for my birthday a few years ago and it always lives on my counter.  A thing of beauty.

Here is my take on the coupons:

Swanson Chicken Broth - $2.30 limit 4
Spray 'n Wash - $3 - limit 5
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System - $30
6 Qt Stainless Steel CrockPot - $10
KitchenAid Pro Mixer - $50
Starbucks French Roast Whole Beans - $5 limit 5
Neutrogena Rainbath - $4 - limit 2

I mentioned in an early post that I had joined Sock Club at Port Hadlock Yarns and this is what I've been carrying my knitting back and forth in:

Well, my birthday is coming up and I always buy myself good presents so I picked up this little cutie from Madbird for $20:

I love this bag!!  It has a flat bottom so it sits nicely.  It is holding everything that I use to knit socks, including the current project.  The girls at Sock Club are gonna be impressed.