Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap 11/19




Now this is going to come as a shock, considering my recent post saying that I always take the green bean casserole for Thanksgiving.  I was shocked.  It seems that my son, the plumber, is done with it after decades of eating it at Thanksgiving!!  I never saw that one coming.  Instead, he has requested the above shrimpy thing for the appetizer.

This is an old recipe from the 50s given to me by my friend Theresa who lives in Portland, where we used to live.  Her mom, who has since passed at the age of 96 or 98, used to be a career woman and she did a lot of entertaining and this was her dish.  She outlived three husbands, marrying the last time in her 80s, and they were all love matches.  She was a peach and loved to go dancing and always started the day with a shot of brandy in her coffee. 

This is very simple and quite tasty, as I remember it.  I no longer eat shellfish since I hate to break out into hives and have my tongue swell up.  Now, that is just wrong.  I love shellfish.  Anyway, to make this dish, all you do is mix a half pound of cooked shrimp meat with a spicy cocktail sauce and a shot of lemon, then pour over a brick of cream cheese and serve with crackers.  I usually serve it in this dish which was given to me just for this purpose:

I will be attending Thanksgiving with this guy:

Not this guy who is going to spend the holiday with his sisters:

Dave Brice
But they don't have this little sweetie who loves to be held, my beautiful great-granddaughter:
I've been to his sister's and they really put on a spread.  They are two lovely ladies who happen to be twins and have several very charming children between them, plus all the boyfriends and girlfriends.  I have a great time, I say, no baby.
Enough of the lovey dovey baby stuff.  I want to mention that the response to Port Hadlock Yarns Knit for Homeless Teens has been wonderful.  Cindy said that the person who came to pick up the hats and scarves got very emotional when she saw how many there were.  One of the ladies in my Sock Club has made four hats.  I'm on my second hat and I did forget to take a picture of the first one but will remember for this one.  The pattern works up nicely and is very well written if you are a new knitter and want to join in.

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