Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fleas in Hadlock

There she is.  The world's most expensive cat.  DC was a rescue kitty and sometimes I feel like taking her back down to the library and reinstating her in the bush that I found her in.  But...I love her and she is totally devoted to me, so there you have it.
Anyway, her latest deal is that she is taking in Hadlock Fleas that are becoming resistant to Frontline Plus!!  I double dosed her (twice in two weeks) trying to kill them but only ended up almost killing her.  So, a phone call to Dr. Cindy was in order.  What to do??  I can't stand fleas!!
After she got me calmed down (she is Miss Maggie May's daughter in law, so she gets me) she told me that lots of people are having this problem.  The fleas are smart and tough and are figuring out how to not only survive, but thrive on flea meds!!  A very scary thought.  So, this is what she told me to do.  Dose DC up with Advantage and then two weeks later, hit her with the Frontline again.  Do this every two weeks until you get on top of it.
The reason that you can do this is that you are dosing with two different formulas that target different areas.  My experience was that just changing to Advantage got rid of the fleas, but I will check in two weeks.
Now you are probably wondering where I'm going with this one.  When I went to the local pet store, one dose of Advantage was $20.  When you buy the six pack at Costco of Frontline, it runs about $11.50 or so a dose.  I'm maybe going to need a lot of flea meds, so this could get real expensive, since I have three animals that get it.  So I went online.
I found that 1800PETMEDS had 6% back through Ebates, so I went there.  I only needed Advantage for the kitty because I'm pretty well stocked for the dogs.  This is how the deal worked:
4 pack Advantage II        $44.99 (still cheaper than Costco)
                                       -   4.50  Coupon Code
Total                               $40.49  ($10.12 per dose and free shipping)
And $2.43 into my Ebates account.   This is not what I would call a screaming deal but not bad.  Certainly better that $20 per dose.
I did take a picture of the last of the blooms on my Christmas cactus.  It is a traditionally colored pink cactus but in the last couple of years, it has also added a few white blooms and they are gorgeous:

Cruise Fund Update:

Old Balance           =  $652.52

                               +       2.50 Senior Movie Savings (Skyfall)

                               +     26.65 Amazon Sale

New Balance         =  $681.67

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