Friday, November 9, 2012

PSE - I'm gonna Miss You


When Miss MoneyPenny's parents were alive, she used to worry that they were slipping into dementia because reading the mail was the highlight of their day.  In fact, Dad got really mad at the mailman because he thought he was spending too much time flirting with a "divorcee" and not getting the mail in the box in time. 

Guess what??  Now that I'm retired, reading the mail has taken on a whole new look, especially since I'm getting it delivered at home.  I even have the time to read the junk mail and have come up with quite a few deals that I would normally have passed by.  Who knew??

Anyway, I received some "junk mail" from PSE that I found interesting, so I called them and talked to a nice and very helpful guy by the name of Brian.  When I mentioned that he was going on Miss MoneyPenny's blog, he really perked up and I actually had a hard time getting him off the line.  Must be a slow day. 

The reason I called him was to talk about PSE's HomePrint Assessment program that was mentioned in the flyer.  This is a good deal.  For FREE, a trained energy specialist will come to your home and analyze your energy consumption and give advice for improvements.  Of course, the improvements are not free and you are responsible for them but you will have an idea of what needs to be done to make your house more efficient and hopefully lower your bill.

When I mentioned that my KitchenAid side-by-side fridge is 22 years old, Brian said that they have a program for people who are living on a lower income (he said that I qualify) where you can get a free new refrigerator.  I was very excited about this, but when he said that the free fridges didn't have ice makers, I was bummed.  I'm on my third ice maker with this fridge.  I drink water all day and it has to have ice in it but if you need a refrigerator, the list to choose from is all Energy Star models.

If you are going to buy a new refrigerator, there is a recommended list on PSE's site, with rebates.  Also, they will come and haul your old one away for free and give you a $20 check, so it doesn't have to languish out on the back porch.

Those of us who live in Jefferson County had better hop to it if we want to take advantage of these offers because we are leaving PSE in 2013 and joining the local Public Utility District.  I'm a little worried about this but time will tell.  Who knows??  It might be better, but I suspect that they will not have the programs that PSE offers.

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