Friday, November 16, 2012

Sane Couponing Redux Again

Miss MoneyPenny thinks that it is time to go over her sane couponing method again for new readers.  My granddaughter has recently become a new mama and is now reading my blog and it reminded me that maybe not everyone gets the RP/11/4 (Redplum/Nov/4) speak when it comes to the grocery sales.  The guy from Seattle is always asking me what BOGO (buy one, get one free) means.

Above is the file box that I use for the Sunday coupon inserts that come in the paper.  I do not clip coupons until I need them.  I'm crazy enough, as it is.  What I do is mark the date on them and file them away until needed.

I have a hanging folder for four current months.  I've never found that I've needed a coupon from any month before then.  When the new month arrives, I throw out the oldest set of coupons and start a new folder.  I just keep recycling the folders, putting the latest discarded month in the back of the box.  That way they stay in month order and I just grab the first one, which will be December soon.  Easy peasy!!

Sounds too easy, doesn't it??  It is!! 

So how do you use this system??  When the weekly grocery flyer comes out I make a list of what I want to buy, plus, what is on sale.  Then I go to a coupon site like  There are gobs of these sites out there but I like this one because I've found it to be fast and accurate. 

For example:  Nalley's pickles are on sale and you want to know if there is a coupon.  Go to this site and put in Nalley's and all the available coupons pop up.  Magic!!  This will tell you which insert it is in and the date (RP/11/4) and the amount of the coupon.  All you have to do is go to your file box, easily find the filed insert and clip.  The hardest part of this method is remembering to take your clipped coupons to the store.

This method works for stores other than grocery stores.  Target is a good example because they also have their store coupons (I get mine off their website, and stack them with manufacture coupons, getting a good deal on products already on sale.  Remember - you cannot stack two manufacture coupons.  I've also used coupons at restaurants, making sure to tip on the original amount.  Having been a waitress, I don't like to get a deal at the expense of a working mom or dad.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Crest White Strips has a $10 rebate in the November P&G insert.  Here is a possible deal for that. is 12% back on Ebates right now and they have the strips on sale for 25% off and free shipping.  This is how it looks:

Crest White Strips       $40.99 sale price

                                   -    4.92 Ebates

                                   -   10.00 rebate

Total cost for sparkling white teeth is $26.07.  Regular price is $54.99.  Not quite 50% savings but pretty close.

I hope this gets you on the road to sane couponing.  It becomes a lifestyle.  Who wants to pay retail, anyway??

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