Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Survived it!!

On Thursday I had carpal tunnel surgery done on both hands.  My doctor enticed me into this crazy idea by tickling my money-saving frame of mind.  One surgery instead of two is a big cost saver and this is important, even with insurance.  My insurance, Regence, has indicated that they will pay 85% - of what, I don't know, but, still, 15% of whatever is not going to be cheap.

This whole thing has gone pretty darn smooth because of planning ahead, good supportive friends and family.
Miss MaggieMay drove me and stayed with me for the surgery and it turned out to be a pretty long day.  Then she showed up the next day and ran some errands.  I'm in her debt, for sure.  Miss KnowItAll brought me ice cream and DVDs, and Mr. KnowItAll offered to give me a sponge bath.  What are friends for??

As you can see I have almost full use of my hands.  I just can't get them wet.  Tomorrow morning I take off the bandages and take my first shower.  On Friday, the stitches come out.  Pretty slick!!  The worst part of this whole thing was the projectile throwing up due to the pain medicine but I discovered that I really wasn't in that much pain and that Advil did just fine.

My knight in shining armor, my handsome grandson, came up for a couple of days and took really good care of me.  He waited on me, drove me around, and watched lots of movies with me.  He also scrubbed the north side of the house and gutters, put together my greenhouse, cleaned and organized my garden shed, and get this, fixed my stereo system which has been on the blink for about four years.  Thank you, Eli!!

I really wish that I had gotten this done years ago, instead of living in constant pain and not being able to sleep well.  I can honestly say that the recovery discomfort has not been as bad as what I've been living with and it is wonderful to sleep through the night.  I'm going to go easy on my hands, giving them time to get well before I really hit the gardening hard in May.  I will have pictures of my new greenhouse up in a few days.


  1. Miss Smarty PantsMarch 3, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    Yippee!! Glad it's done and over! Good thing too... You need to be rested for our cruise in a few months!!

    OK... What is going on here? That can NOT be Eli!!! When did he grow up??

  2. I'm so glad that everything went smoothly!! Aren't good friends one of the best things in life?!? If you need any help in the garden before May be sure and give me a call.