Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday MishMash

I've got a question.  In my house there is carpeting in the master bedroom (not a big room), the small guest room, and in my very small office.  The rest of the house is moppable, but where do my critters go to throw up??  You guessed it!!  In fact, if they have too far to go to make it to the carpet in time, they will throw up on the rug under the dining table.  Miss KnowItAll suggests that they need traction for this particular activity. Makes sense to me.  I should buy stock in Al's Carpet Cleaning.

I want to mention that LL Bean is offering a $10 gift card with the purchase of $50, and 10% off your order until Monday, the 25th.  I've been waiting for this.  The way I'm gonna work this deal is to go to the Ebates site and type in LL Bean because I'm going to earn 2% of my order for my  Ebates account.  Then I will also use my Costco American Express card to earn 1% towards my annual rebate.  This is how it will look:

Order (1 tee & yoga pants)    =      $70.00

                                              _         7.00  (10% off)

Order total                            =       $63.00

Gift card                               =       $10.00

Ebates                                  =       $ 1.26

Amex                                   =       $  .63

The other day I was reading the latest issue of the Costco Connection, which I "borrowed" from the doctor's office (no matter what I do, Costco will not send me my own issue because I am "family").  Anyway, the article that I was reading mentioned a website that was started by two ladies (Nancy and Marlene), who really hate food waste.  The name of their site is Expendable Edibles and it is a good one.

They don't waste anything!! even stems and skins.  No matter what you got, they have a use for it and their recipes are practically gourmet, even for leftover morning coffee.  The site is easy to use and there is a handy search box which will take you right to that recipe for leftover mashed potatoes or that wine that is getting a little long in the tooth.

There is even a tip jar so you can help them get enough money together to write their cookbook.  I'm gonna donate because I want to see that book get written because I think it is important.  Our grannies knew how to get the ever living last bit out of their food but, somehow, most of us don't have a clue.  This would make a fabulous gift for a young bride, and an old one, too.

On that note, here is my food waste.  I've been doing really well in that department lately, but occasionally something will get away from me.  This is a pretty spendy jar of preserves that I bought for a recipe and then promptly forgot it because I'm not a jammy person, and, yes, that is mold.  Eeew!!

Cha ching : $5.00

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