Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Myfitnesspal

This is such a useful app that it deserves its own post!!  My sister, who is a real smartypants, told me about this cool app.  I checked it out and it is the real deal, and a screaming deal, too, because it is free!!

This is everything that Weight Watchers Online is and a hell of a lot easier to navigate, and, did I say that it is free??  The last time I checked WW Online was $14.95 per month, which isn't bad when it comes to weight loss programs.  Have you checked into Jenny Craig lately??  Could easily cost you $300 - $400 a month!!

With myfitnesspal you get a weight tracker, food tracker, exercise tracker, lively community, and even a barcode scanner.  They have millions of foods along with nutritional information stored in their huge database, and it is easily accessible.  You can save favorite recipes that will go quickly into your food tracker with a couple of clicks.  And when you exercise, it will tell you how many calories you burned.  You can even track your water intake.

But - this will only work if you do the tracking, just like all weight loss tools.  I have MFP installed on all my devices, so that I can track better, no matter where I'm at.  The method that works best for me is to pre-plan my meals and exercise for a couple of days.  This way I know what I'm gonna be eating and what I need to buy at the grocery store.  If something comes up, it is easy to change.

So, if you need some help getting rid of that pesky winter/holiday flab, and we all have it, check out this app. It really works, especially if you talk to it often, like it is your best pal.  Oh, yeah.  Did I tell you that it has audio??  On my smartphone, whenever there is a keyboard, there is also a microphone.  Slick!!

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