Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shopping Macy's for Martha

Miss MoneyPenny is a big fan of Martha Stewart.  She is one smart cookie, and tough.  She has to be because every time she tries to play like the big boys, she finds herself in hot water.  Men, as a rule, don't care much for Martha; in fact, I've yet to meet a man who likes her.

I became a serious supporter of Martha back in the 90s when she had Miss Piggy on her Christmas show.  Martha was trying to teach Miss Piggy something but she was busy flirting with the cameraman in all of her Piggy fashion.  Martha got exasperated by her behavior and said "Pay attention, Piggy!!."  I knew right then that Martha doesn't take herself too seriously.

Martha Stewart is being awarded the famous MoneyPenny Seal of Approval.  If you buy her products, you will get good value for your money, and that is what the Seal is all about.  I realize that Martha can be over the top but it is her attention to detail and understanding of homemaking that make her so popular.  She, alone, has taken the art of making a home from dull drudgery to something to be proud of.  And why not??  We all need a home, so why shouldn't it run smoothly and efficiently and be a pleasant place to hang out??

If I have a choice, I always buy Martha and that is usually at Macy's.  Since Miss MoneyPenny lives on a fixed retirement income, she has to be very careful with her money, so she never pays straight retail.  I've been thinking about replacing my old 60s and 70s Tupperware food storage containers with glass and had been eyeballing Martha's product because I think that they are the best looking.

I've been keeping house since 1967 so I have a pretty good idea of the sizes of containers that I really use so opted out of the boxed set.  Once I knew which pieces that I coveted, all I had to do was wait for a sale.  When the sale hit, I took them to the check out counter and slapped a coupon on them, getting them for 40% off.  Here is what I bought:

I do not put the snap lids in the dishwasher, figuring that might not be good for them.  I used to be crazy back in the day because my Tupperware show signs of being put in the microwave.  I wonder which of my health issues was helped out by doing that!!  You can tell a Tupperware that has been zapped because it looks like snot is clinging to the sides, so you can see why I want to get rid of it.

Carpal Tunnel Update:

On Friday I want down to Silverdale to have my stitches removed.  They ended up leaving two stitches in each hand for another week because I had obviously overused my hands.  The hardest part of this whole thing is trying to be careful but I'm going to tone it down for a few days and just get through it.

Today, the Bradster took me to Costco and did all the heavy lifting for me.  I needed to exchange my composter (which was in a box, big and heavy) and buy a 35 pound bag of dog food.  After Costco, we dropped by Silver City Brewery for a yummy lunch.  I have never had anything on their menu that wasn't good.  Next time we go, we are going to order just one chicken pot pie because it is big enough for a whole family!!

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  1. Miss Smarty PantsMarch 11, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    As Martha would say.. "It's a good thing.......:

    Sometimes, it just sneaks out and people look at me like I'm being rude when I say "Pay attention Piggy!" Hard to explain to them how funny that was at the time... You had to be there....

    *&^() Now I HAVE to buy those storage sets too! Stop it!