Monday, March 11, 2013

National Take a Nap Day

Miss MoneyPenny really dislikes daylight savings time.  It is not natural to keep fooling with our circadian rhythms, especially as we get older.  According to CBS there is a 10% increase in heart attacks the week after the spring event.  Car accidents increase, also.  I can see why because I feel like I've got a hangover and I'm retired!!

I use to hear that the reason we have this messing with the clocks business is so that farmers could get more hours in on their crops.  Not true.  My Grandpa Redmond was a farmer and he didn't care what time it was. If the work had to be done in the daylight, he got up and was out there by dawn, no matter what the clock said.

Then we were told that it saved energy.  I truly don't get that one.  The real reason for daylight savings, especially early in spring is so that there will be light after people get off work.  The thinking is if it is light, you will want to go, you guessed it, shopping, and spend money.  Why does it always have to be about the money??

And if we are a little foggy from having our rhythms messed with, we might not be so careful with our money and spend more than usual.  Pretty clever, guys, but if this can actually be dangerous and make us feel like ****, why keep doing it??  Surely the cost of health issues, accidents, and poor productivity cost something, too??  Not to mention grouching at your significant other.

We will feel better in a week or two, but in the mean time, grab a nap.  Actually, my Kitty, DC, is very good about taking naps.  This is her favorite place...on a cushion, on her chair, in the corner, surrounded by sunny windows.  It doesn't get any better than that.

There's an App for That:

My sister, Miss SmartyPants, is a real enthusiast when it comes to Apps and she has infected me, also.  We were talking about them and how helpful they can be and she thought that profiling our tried and true Apps would be helpful.  The first App that I downloaded two years ago is still with me and it is a goody.  It is called Shazam and it is free!! which is one of my criteria for a good App.  This is what it looks like:

This App works by listening to music heard in stores, restaurants, etc. and then telling you what the song is and who is the artist.  I use it a lot while I'm driving because they never seem to tell you what the song was that they just played on the radio.  I just click on the Shazam App and let it listen.  When I find out what it is and I want it for my iPod, I just head over to iTunes and buy it.  Shazam saves your queries, in case you forget, like me.  It is available for both Android and iPhone.  Very slick.

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