Friday, March 29, 2013

Get The Most From Your Costco American Express Card

Yesterday my yard got mowed for the first time this year.  It really needed it, what with all the sun and rain we have gotten.  It was over a foot high over the drain field and in nice even rows.  I forget how awful it is after the mowing, especially if the grass is wet.  The above picture is of Pici's green feet.  I have grass all over the house, including in my bed.  Wherever the dogs go, it is green, but the yard looks good.  You have to take the good with the bad, my mama said.

Usually when we think of our American Express card we are only thinking about the annual rebate check and no annual fee, but there is a lot more than just 4% back for gas, 2% for travel and restaurants, and 1% for everything else.  I checked the Amex site out and here is what it said:
  1. Extended warranty -   For instance: you bought a new lawn mover last year, using your card and it had a one year warranty.  This spring, a year later, you go out to start your mower.  The engine has seized over the winter and your warranty is up.  Give Amex a call because they will warranty your mower for an additional year so you can buy a new one.
  2. Return protection - Example: you buy yourself a new iPod, using your card, then your son gives you one for Mother's Day.  You take the first one back to BestBuy, but they have a 30 day return policy (I just made that up.  I have no idea what it is).  What to do??  Call Amex because their return policy is 90 days and they will refund your purchase price, if the merchant won't, but this does not include shipping or taxes.  I don't know whether they come and get your iPod, or not.
  3. Purchase protection - Amex will refund the purchase price of your item, bought using your card, if it gets stolen or accidentally damaged within 90 days.
Living out in the sticks, as I do, small merchants rarely take my Amex card, but big chain stores like QFC and Safeway do.  For big purchases, I usually head out to Silverdale where everyone takes it.  I also use it for purchases online.  But if you want to cover all your bases, you could also try the Visa Signature card.  I don't personally have one of these but I'm thinking about it, because they supposedly have a lot of the same benefits and everybody takes Visa.  

I'm happy to have my way with the credit cards, because, for years, they had their way with me.  Once I got smart and quit carrying a balance, my card started to work for me, and it doesn't cost me a thing.

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