Wednesday, May 30, 2012

QFC Grocery Basket 5/30

Hopefully you are not a slob like Miss MoneyPenny and are able to keep on top of your household while holding down a job.  I had no idea that things had gotten so out of hand!!  Every day I try to tackle a project and today it was my bed.  I have an eyelet bedskirt and shams on my bed with a quilt and I can't remember the last time I flipped my mattress to get that bedskirt out, and yes, I will be going to the chiropractor after that.  I feel absolutely lucky that I didn't break out a window with that big old wobbly queen sized mattress, but I eventually got it flipped and back in place with a clean bedskirt.

I've also organized my refrigerator and taken inventory, but I didn't go so crazy as to actually clean it yet.  That will be a big project involving vacuuming the coils which can really be dangerous.  One time the vacuum cleaner actually sucked up one of my long pony tails while I had my head down trying to see what I was doing with the attachment.  I really hate the smell of burning hair!! but thank God I have long arms and was able to reach up and turn that beast off.  Close call, there.

Anyway, QFC has a decent ad this week so let's go shopping.

Franz Bread - $2.50/ea
Best Foods Mayonnaise - $2.99/30oz ($1 coupon RP/5/20)
Heinz Ketchup - $1.99/32-40oz
QFC Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream - $1.25/16oz
Tillamook Cheese - $4.99/32oz
New York Steak (boneless) - $6.99/lb
Fresh Wild Caught True Cod - $4.99/lb
Asparagus - $2.49/lb
Driscoll's Blueberries - $3.88/18oz
New Crop Red Cherries - $4.88/lb
Romaine or Leaf Lettuces - $1.25/ea
Personal Watermelon - $3/ea
Tuscan Cantaloupe - $3/ea

Cruise Fund Update:

Old Balance = $731.78

                     +       1.00 (Senior discount at The Rose)

                     +     50.00 (Books sold at William James Bookseller)

New Balance = $782.78

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