Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life in the Not so Fast Lane

It is day three of Miss MoneyPenny's retirement from the rat race and there is still a part of me that thinks that I better get with it because I have to go to work on Tuesday.  This is going to be an adjustment, albeit a pleasant one, but change is change.

I was talking with my friend Miss MaggieMay today, who also just retired, and we decided that we have to have a daily project other than laundry, cooking, etc. or we would just wallow around on the couch watching reruns of NCIS in our jammies.  Today the main projects were recycling and getting the guy from Seattle's car washed and vacuumed.  We also got the tomatoes planted.

We had to go to Home Depot for plants for the deck pots because I missed the sale at QFC and I couldn't find what I needed locally, which is a shame.  I thought that QFC put their geraniums on sale way too early for this area and they showed it.  Can you say "Frost Bite?"  Anyway, I'm happy with the quality and price of the plants from Home Depot and I will put pictures up when the pots are planted.  Right now, they are getting used to living in my climate, crowded up next to the house, with each other for company.

I took a couple snaps of my garden because I think that it is so pretty and has been such a labor of love.  This is the first year that my "Cherokee Chief" dogwood has really bloomed.  I moved him three times before he was finally happy.  Look fast at the poppy because as soon as it even looks like it is going to rain, it gives up, but I just love the whore house red color.  We planted the tomatoes in the flower beds this year, right up against the house, which has the hot southerly exposure.  I'm thinking that this might finally be my year for tomatoes.  And Don Juan, the rose, is starting to bloom and smell.  Ignore the rust spots.  I do.

Cruise Fund Update:

                Old Balance = $701.23

                Ebates Check  +    30.55

                New Balance = $731.78

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