Monday, May 14, 2012

Ebates 13% Day!!

Okay savvy shoppers, today Ebates is offering 13% for several stores, including Macy's and Nordstrom.  I'm down to my last half bottle of Youth Dew, so I've been keeping an eye out.  Youth Dew does not go on sale.  Period.  And it is the only perfume that I wear.  I've worn it so long that I can't even smell it any more, but I get compliments so it must still be right for me.

This is how I worked the deal:  I ordered two bottles at $34 each and got free shipping because it was over $50.  I really hate paying for shipping.  I would have purchased a couple more bottles, but that was all I had in my "Beauty Fund."

                                  2 Youth Dews = $68.00
                                      Sales Tax    =      6.12

                                      Shipping     =       0.00

                                      Total           =  $74.12

                                     13% of $68 =    $ 8.84 (in my Ebates account for cruise)
                                       1% of $68 =         .68 (I used my American Express card)

What does this mean?  I'm stocked up on Youth Dew and will be getting $9.52 back!!  This looks like free money to me!!  So if you need something, jump on it.  I don't know how long this will last.

Reminder:  Be sure and keep a copy of your confirmation in your email.  It seems like I have to remind them to credit my Ebates account every time now.  I wait until 30 days after I receive the item.  This little hint is from my sister Miss SmartyPants and is a good one.

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