Sunday, May 20, 2012

Costco Coupons 5/10 - 6/3

Just in case you are trying to quit smoking and want to try the patches, the best place to buy them is Target.  Their store brand price even beats Costco with a coupon.  This good deal is courtesy of the guy from Seattle who has made smoking and patches a lifetime career.  Although Miss MoneyPenny has never been a smoker, I know what a tough gig it is to quit after watching my favorite ex-husband try and fail many times.  Good luck.

I didn't get down to Costco until yesterday, so these coupons have been out for a while, but there are some good ones worth noting.  My sister Miss SmartyPants took advantage of the coupon for a new smart phone and ended up getting an app for the Internet at her home.  I have no idea how this works, but she assures me it is cool and the guy in the Verizon booth at Costco got her going on this.  This is a good thing for people who live out in Internet free zones.  Also, there is no wait at the booth like at the Verizon store, which is a big plus, if you ask me.

We buy all of our supplements at Costco and as many of the Kirkland brand as possible, so if you need 'em, jump on 'em as there are coupons.  Others that I'm looking at are for Reynolds Foil, Ziploc Bags, Advil and Advil PM, Cascade Action Pacs and Brita Pitcher and/or filters.

There is also a $70 coupon off Michelin Tires, which I took advantage of two years ago.  That reminds me - it is time for my free tire rotation, which comes with the set of tires.  Good to take care of the tires.

Food Waste Update:

What you are looking at is two lemons that got buried in the fruit bowl under a bunch of mail.  They were not even a week old.  I'm going to trade in that bowl because this isn't the first surprising mishap.  I'm truly ashamed of the withered up apples.  They were mushy and the skin was tough, so instead of making fruit salad out of them, I ignored them, hoping that they would become crisp and juicy, which did not happen.  The pull date on the two corn tortillas was 3/27.

Cha Ching:  $4.00

I'm putting everything in the compost except the wrapper, but still....

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