Friday, May 4, 2012

Full Flower Moon

Usually Miss MoneyPenny complains and bitches about this and that, but today I want to tell you a story about paying it forward.

Now you know what tree hugging animal lovers Miss MoneyPenny and her friends and family are.  We all go to great lengths and expense for our creatures that depend on us, but Mr. and Miss KnowItAll have taken it a step further.

The story starts when Miss KIA(aka Miss KnowItAll) rescued a nine year old gentleman Basenji (Uno) from the pound.  His master was going to the "home" and pets were not allowed, so she offered to take him.  She took him home and fed him good food and gave him lots of love and dental care.  He became the beautiful dog that he was meant to be.

After several months, Miss KIA was talking to a man at the library who knew Uno when he was a pup.  She mentioned that she was looking for the elderly lady who always walked her old husky by the library as she hadn't seen her for a couple of months.  This is the shocker - this man knew this lady and said that her beloved old dog had died.  Come to find out, again, another shocker - Uno had belonged to this lady's daughter.  The daughter left him with her because she was moving and she had to take him to the pound as she already had a big dog (the husky).

Of course, you know where I'm going with this, Miss KIA got in contact with the lady and, another shocker, Uno remembered her!!  Mr. and Miss KIA left him with her, along with a big bag of food and offers to help with vet bills and dogsitting.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see the two of them out walking.  Uno has a big smile on his doggy face as he carefully leads the way for his lady.  Is there a dry eye in the house?  True story.

Anyway, Saturday night is the Full Flower Moon, so whatever it is that you are supposed to do on this moon, do it.

Retirement Update:

12 more alarm getups.

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