Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Health Counts Gift Cards

Miss MoneyPenny would be remiss if she didn't mention the Health Counts Wellness Program.  I'm not a big fan of health insurance companies, but as far as they go, the Regence Uniform Medical Plan ain't too bad.  I've discovered over the years that keeping a file with my medical bills and insurance forms works best for me.  Once a month I sit down and dig through it, matching everybody up, then paying out.  If you look at all these papers carefully, you sometimes can find mistakes and save yourself some money.

Anyway, about this program.  The deal is once a year, you log onto their website and fill out your annual health assessment.  This takes about 20 minutes and you need to know your weight, blood pressure, drinking and smoking habits, etc.  When you are done, they have a few suggestions like lose weight, quit drinking, exercise more, eat better - you get the drill.  Then they send you an email that gets lost in the junk, so be on the lookout.  This email is where you choose where your $30 gift card is coming from.  I always choose Macy's and it comes in about a week.  Slick.

Tomorrow is my last day of employment.  Yippee skippee!!  I made it!!  Anyway, I will be COBRAing Regence for 18 months until I'm 65 and then using them for my supplemental through the state after that.  This is not going to be cheap, but I've budgeted for it and think it will work.  I'll keep you posted on how all this works in my new life of retirement which I'm sure I'm just gonna hate.

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