Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap 12/3


What else can I say??  The man is beautiful and getting more so as he gets older, and he is a darned fine actor.  You might have guessed that Miss MoneyPenny and Miss Maggie May headed out on Saturday in a driving rain storm to see Denzel's latest movie, Flight.  This was a hold on to your seat and hope you don't have to go to the bathroom kind of film.  We enjoyed it very much but I will tell you that I'm never, ever, ever flying again.  I still don't know how I kept my panic attack under control.  This is a good movie, with the crash as backdrop for the larger issues that it deals with.  And it doesn't pull any punches.

Now, you know that it is cold and wet out there and people are having a hard time, especially this time of year, but I bet they are hungry all year long.  As I talk to people in our community I'm just heartbroken when I hear the stories of hardship.  This is as political as Miss MoneyPenny is gonna get but it is pretty obvious that folks can't rely on the government when they are going through rough times.  This is where we come in.  We gotta do this, kids.

There are so many ways that we can help in our community.  The food bank is easy.  Just buy extra when you are shopping and drop it in the Food Bank bin on your way out of the store.  Cash donations are always welcome and will be used for fresh food.  This is the address:

Jefferson County Food Bank
P.O. Box 124
Port Hadlock, WA  98339

Deb over at Tri Area Pharmacy says that she buys coats for Foster Kids and takes them to Sleep Country every year for their program, so that would be a good idea.  Makes me wonder what the Foster Parents are spending the Foster Kid money on, but that is not your business MoneyPenny.  For information on this program, call any Sleep Country.  The number for the Sequim Sleep Country is:


And don't forget the Toys for Tots type programs all over the community.  All you do is pick a tag off of the Christmas tree and buy the gift listed.  No wrapping.  Peninsula Credit Union's tree is for kids in the Tri Area and has had great participation.  There were only a couple of tags left when I was there today to turn in my gift.  They are going to make more tags and you have until December 16th.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Port Hadlock Yarns was sponsoring knitting for homeless teens and they have had good participation, also.  They provided free patterns and yarn for watch caps, fingerless mitts and scarves in colors and styles that kids will wear.  I made two hats and now Cindy has me working on a cowl to keep necks warm.  Here is a picture of my hat:

And since it is holiday time - I don't need to decorate because my neighbor Tina does it up good enough for both our places.  I took these pictures just before dark because every time I went in her yard at dark her super powered motion detector would blast me in the eyes.  She has a daycare so she has an excuse to decorate and she hits all the holidays, and she does it all herself.  I can't bear to watch her hang over the edge of her roof to hang the icicle lights.

Food Waste Update:

A couple of weeks ago we had tuna sandwiches with sweet pickles and they were delicious but we didn't eat it all.  This little container held just the right size for a sandwich and it got lost.  Damn.

Cha Ching: $1

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