Monday, December 17, 2012

Free Shipping Monday!!



Now, you know that Miss MoneyPenny has been patiently waiting for today to do her last minute Christmas shopping because she really hates shipping costs.  They can sure ruin a good deal and some of them are really over the top.  What is with merchants who charge you more in shipping the more you buy??  Seems backwards to me.  I keep a little list of these guys and never buy from them, unless it is a free shipping day, like today.

Before you place your order, be sure and go over to  They will have a list of merchants who are offering free shipping and the percentage of cash back that you will receive in your Ebates account.  This really adds up if you do your shopping online and you will get a check in the mail from them quarterly.  My sister, Miss SmartyPants, really cleans up on this because she shops for her business through them.  If you aren't signed up, it is easy and free.  Check it out.

Yesterday was such a cold nasty day that I only ventured outside once, and that was to dig around in the compost.  Things are moving slowly on that front because the wormy guys are cold.  I made a pot of chicken soup and cleaned out the fridge and did a lot of knitting. 

My new project is a cowl and I got the idea from Cindy up at Port Hadlock Yarns.  If you have a ball of sock yarn that is just too expensive and beautiful to make a pair of socks, this pattern is for you and it is available at for free.  This is what it looks like:

Here is mine:

It takes one ball of sock yarn and #5 Addi-Turbo 16" circular lace needles.  You really do need a pointy lace needle or you will be thinking up all kinds of new cuss words while you are trying to work all those K2togs.  Just sayin'.

Amaryllis Update:

I had just about given up on getting three years out of the amaryllis bulb.  I made a mistake this fall when I brought it indoors and put it in the closet and did not cut the summer growth off, so it was trying to support them in the dark.  When I brought it out, it was a slimy mess and I pruned it then but it had to sit and sulk for a while.  I hit it with the fertilizer to help it out and here is what popped out on Saturday:

Bird Guide Drawing Reminder:

Be sure and leave a comment so that you are in the drawing for the Puget Sound Bird Guide.  This is a good book for us backyard birders.  Likes on Facebook are entered, also.  Deadline is Christmas Eve.


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