Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bird Guide Giveaway

Yesterday Miss MaggieMay and I were down in Silverdale searching fruitlessly for a new suitcase for her.  I'm still mystified that she gave the purple leopard skin beauty a pass.  Anyway, we stopped off at Barnes & Noble because I was looking for a new bird guide that is just for this region. 
The guide that I've been using is for the western United States and I find it to be more trouble than it is worth because there are so many birds listed.  When you think that you have your bird identified, you find, after paging over to the map, that it would be a miracle if that was your bird, since it only hangs out in San Diego.
After looking at several guides I settled on this one which is pictured above.  This is a great little book with a full page of information on each bird and great pictures, so I thought that since it is getting pretty close to Christmas that I would give away a copy. 
All you gotta do is leave a comment at the end of this blog and you will be entered in the drawing.  Just say"I want it" and you are in.  All Facebook comments and "likes" will also be entered.  I will have my neighbor, Tina, draw the lucky name on Christmas Eve.  Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.
Before I forget, Starbucks is having a BOGO on their three holiday drinks starting today from 2 until 5p.m. so if you are out shopping with your best buddy, you will probably need a jolt of caffeine by then.  This lasts until the 16th.

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