Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grocery Basket 2/4

Miss MoneyPenny is doing the monthly Costco run today.  Costco has coupons for a couple of the things on my list so will stock up. 

I've been working a couple of rebates lately and one of them is buy a 42 count Prevacid and they will send you a check reimbursing you for it.  One of the coupons is for $4 off Prevacid.  The deal works like this: buy the Prevacid, cut out the upc symbol, circle the cost on your receipt and send them off.  Then you get a check.  Free money for almost nothing for the cruise fund.

QFC has some nice loss leaders this week that are worth stopping by for:

Top sirloin steak - $3.99/lb
Red, orange or yellow peppers - $1/ea
Hass medium avocados - $1/2
Fresh wild Alaska True cod - $6.99/lb
Fresh sole - $6.99/lb
Fresh cut tulips - $10/3 bunches

They are still running their Buy 10 get $5 sale, so if you are having a Super Bowl party on Sunday, you might check out the chips and pizzas.

A friend of mine has his annual Bead Bowl party for people who hate football and I've been to it a few times even though I don't hate football.  There is always good food and munchies and everybody brings a project such as knitting, beading, crocheting, etc. and everybody has a good time.  Although I have noticed that I always end up ripping back any knitting that I have done at these parties from having TOO good a time.

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