Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grocery Basket 2/23

The famous MoneyPenny Research Department has been running trials on lettuce to see what the difference in taste and quality is between QFC and Chimacum Corners romaine lettuce.  They are priced about the same, so cost isn't in the equation.  What the team found is that the organic (California at this time) from Chimacum Corners is far superior.  And get this!!  It was still fresh in my crisper after two weeks!! while the QFC lettuce was pretty much unusable after a week.  Just giving you information here.

With that out of the way, here are the deals at QFC this week:

Nature Made vitamins - 50% off (coupon for $3/2 in the S/1/29 insert)
Pillsbury brownie mix - 50% off (good to have in the pantry for chocolate emergencies)
Fresh Dover sole fillets - $4.99/lb
Farmland pork shoulder roast - $1.49/lb
Ranger Free Range whole chickens - $1.59/lb
Asparagus - .99/lb
Peppers - $1/ea
Nature Sweet cherry tomatoes - $2.50/10.5oz
Organic Fuji or Braeburn apples - $1/lb
Organic mini peeled carrots - $1/lb
Red or Green seedless grapes - $1.28/lb

I usually don't cover the Safeway ads because all the other bloggers do, but there are a couple of promotions that bear looking at this week:

Buy 3/Save $6 - this looks to be coffees and teas, so check for coupons.
30% off frozen foods
30% off the Amy's and Kashi line

It is too early for me to buy the pork shoulder for my annual 4th of July party because my 22 year old Kitchenaid frost free side-by-side would suck the every lovin' life out of it before then, but here is my recipe for pulled pork sandwiches that I usually serve.

Put the pork in the crackpot with chopped onions, salt and pepper, bay leaf and cook until done.  Drain and cool.  When cool, shred the meat and put back in the cooker with more chopped onions.  Mix in that barbecue sauce that you got for cheap last week.  I don't know how much.  However you like it for going onto buns.  Let it cook until bubbly and perfect.

This does require two cooking sessions, so start the day before your guests show up.  Serve with good buns, coleslaw and cold beer and everybody will be happy.

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  1. Dear Miss MonneyPenny,

    I don't got no pigmeat, nor a crackpot to put it in.