Saturday, February 4, 2012

Body Lotion War

Now, you know that Miss MoneyPenny is heading for retirement and has been working on getting the expenses down.  There has been a pretty spendy item in the health and beauty area that the famous MoneyPenny Research Department has been working on and I thought you might like to see the results.

Miss MoneyPenny has very sensitive skin and has been paying $58 for a 33.8 ounce jug of Origins Precipitation Body Lotion.  This usually lasts about three months which equals $232 in just body lotion alone but it does come in a cool pump bottle.

I happened to pick up a jar of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (20 ounces) this fall and was quite surprised at how much I liked it.  When I first started using it I felt like I was rubbing Crisco on my legs but I got used to it and really liked how good my skin felt.  But this thing is not pretty and you have to take the top off and dig in.  It also lasts about three months and you can get every last little bit out easily.  No waste.

So here is the deal.  The Research Department checked around and this is what they discovered price wise with the Cetaphil:
Don's Pharmacy - $19.99/16 oz
Safeway - $14.99/16 oz - $13.49/16 oz
Target - $10.79/16 oz
Costco - $11.49/20 oz - $4 coupon = $7.49 for the 20 ounce size.
Obviously Costco is the place to get this stuff even without the $4 coupon, but with the coupon it becomes a screaming deal.  This is the breakdown for a year and remember, I HAVE to use a body lotion or else I itch myself to death:

Origins = $232
Cetaphil = $30

Difference = $202!!!

This is a no brainer and all I did was do some price checking.  I'm thinking that there are several of these little "necessities" lurking around where I could save some serious cash just by paying attention.  $200 will get both my schnauzers groomed three times and if I let them get hairy - which they hate- that could be the grooming (which they also hate) bill for the year. 
And since you are going to ask me why I don't groom them myself, you obviously have not tried it yourself with a wiggling dog trying its best to jump off the counter in one hand and a pair of clippers in the other.


  1. That is an amazing difference in price! Interesting that Costco's container has 4 ounces more than the other stores.
    You could save your empty bottle of the Origins lotion and refill it with the Cetaphil. You just need a funnel.

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