Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Fat Check

Miss MoneyPenny gets a kick out of Ebates calling their checks big and fat.  My checks are usually on the skinny side because I don't do that much shopping.  My check this quarter was $33 but it is still free money and I'll take it to the bank!!  I've already got $18 waiting for next quarter and have not been paid for a JJill order and the OneHanesPlace.com order.  That reminds me...the OneHanesPlace order is coming up on 30 days, so I will need to claim it and nudge them along.

I've noticed lately that the Daily Doubles that are exciting are few and far between these days.  I always wait for Macy's and Drugstore.com to hit, but I get a little irritated when I don't get notified until after 5:00.  What is with that?  Doesn't give me much time to get my act together and get an order in.  Maybe that is the idea.

But I'm not complaining too hard as I've received $234.55 from Ebates in the last year and a half just for using their site. 

Thank you, Ebates...this is going towards the cruise Miss SmartyPants and I are taking up the Inside Passage next year.  I'll be sure and send a postcard.

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