Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eddie Vedder is Here!!

Back in the olden days when Miss MoneyPenny was married to her favorite ex-husband, we had a sun room in our house.  It was my favorite room and it had rattan furniture with loud splashy cushions and lots of plants.  Just like the jungle, so naturally I had a large cage of parakeets out there.  This worked great until I moved into my own smaller place and the only place for the birds was in the corner of the dining room, but I've gotten used to having bird seed flung all over the place.

What I'm working up to here is that over the years some of the birds have flown over to the other side, leaving one very lonely bird.  So someone would give me a bird or I would buy one just so they wouldn't have to be so sad and blue.  I decided a couple of years ago that I was getting out of the bird business and so Stevie Nicks (or Stevie Wonder, one never really knows) was going to have to tough it out by her or his self. 

But as time went on I just couldn't live with that sad and lonely bird.  Today I told Stevie that I was going down to PetSmart to get a green bird to go with her beautiful yellow plumage and his name is Eddie Vedder.  Being a big fan of Pearl Jam, she was thrilled.  So today this is what we did and we were quite happy to see that green (only) parakeets were on sale for $19.99!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Stevie and Eddie getting to know each other:

Food waste update:

What you see is a jar of Vegenaise.  The guy from Seattle loves this stuff.  I hate it and much prefer Best Foods REAL mayonnaise, so it rarely gets used.  We used about half of it before it went bad.

Cha ching: $5

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