Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Miss MoneyPenny was sitting out on the deck this morning after her shower trying to get cooled off when she heard a neighbor guy say "F**ck, man, its snowing!!."  It is not every day that you can sit in the bright sunshine and have it snowing at the same time.  This was not serious stuff...just a little dusting from old man winter saying goodbye.

Sundays are always crazy busy around here until about noon and then things practically come to a standstill.  I did two loads of wash, made a loaf of bread, and roasted up a giant pan of veggies for pasta, and other assorted domestic chores.  Just your basic getting ready for the work week, but what I really wanted to to was go outside and play in the dirt.

When I went outside this afternoon I was surprised at how darn cold it was with that wind blowing, so I took a few pictures and scurried back inside.  What you are going to see here is the crocus in full bloom, DC the cat, and the guy from Seattle trying to get in an afternoon nap...after I cleaned his clock at Scrabble.

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