Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bad Spring Fever

Miss MoneyPenny has bad spring fever.  Every weekend we've been going outside to check out the wonder that is happening in the flower beds.  If we are having an early spring, and I think we are, it should be pretty gorgeous around here in about a month.

My plan this year has been to tend to the flower beds every week, instead of waiting until the weeds outshine the plants, which is what usually happens.  Those weeds move fast and if you aren't paying close attention, they win.  Well, they win anyway but at least you've got a fighting chance of seeing your lilac in bloom and mine is about 15 feet high.  You get the idea.

Today I pruned the deadwood from the blueberries and Don Juan, the red and very good smelling rose that gets every disease known to roses.  He is worth it though.  On a good year, he is perfection itself.  The blueberry that I moved last weekend seems to be very happy with his new digs, so to speak.

The guy from Seattle took a couple of pictures today.  The first one is the first blooming purple crocus and the second one looks like a mystery plant.  If you guessed the sedum Autumn Joy you would be correct.  It was a stunner last fall and if you want a start, let me know.  Gardeners need to share the love to keep the Gardening God happy.

Autumn Joy


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