Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Costco Amex Rebate

Miss MoneyPenny really looks forward to the Costco American Express Rewards check.  If you have one of these cards, the February bill will have the check.  It is at the tail end of the bill and easy to miss.  Miss MoneyPenny actually did miss the first year and has never forgotten about it.

Most people believe that you must use your check at Costco, but no you do not.  They would like you to.  What you do have to do is cash it there.  Just go to the customer service counter and some nice person will give you greenbacks, which you can take to Nordstrom and have a clothes buying orgy.  Oops.  That was in the bad old days.  What I meant to say was put it in the cruise fund for next year.

My daughter in law works the customer service counter and says that they cash some really huge checks for people using this program.  They probably use their card for everything and if they are smart, pay their bill off every month in full.  What do they get for being smart people?  Free money!!  Ya gotta love it.

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