Friday, January 27, 2012

OneHanesPlace Update

Imagine Miss MoneyPenny's surprise when she opened her email this morning, and lo and behold, there was a free shipping offer from  For today only.  You remember that Miss MoneyPenny was on the warpath with them in the last post for trying to charge $14.99 in shipping costs.

I was discussing this with the guy from Seattle this morning and he agreed that saving $19 on each bra was probably worth the shipping fee.  It is a good deal, but still...

Anyway I was wondering what brought on the offer.  Could it be (a) my nice phone call to the service center, or (b) the nice big order just sitting in the cart, not going anywhere, or (c) they read Miss MoneyPenny's blog and felt guilty.  Miss MoneyPenny thought it was surely (c), but he said it was probably (b), or just a coincidence.  Whatever.  I got what I wanted and that is a big deal to my clothing budget.

Those guys at are pretty smart because I ended up adding two more items to my cart just to show them not to mess with me again.

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