Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cabin Fever

Miss MoneyPenny has been snowed in for three days with the guy from Seattle.  The snow just kept on comin' and that's long as the electric stays on.  Having a home that is all electric is real convenient as long as the power stays on.  There are plans for an alternate heat source on the back burner but we haven't priced it out yet.  These things must be budgeted for.

We are hoping that the weatherman is correct and the snow will turn to rain by tomorrow.  We ended up getting almost a foot of the white stuff.  It made for very interesting trips out to the bird feeder and the compost.  Speaking of the compost, it is frozen solid.  And we are out of bird seed.

Actually we are out of almost everything, so will head up to the store tomorrow.  We've been eating chicken soup, split pea soup with cornbread and tacos.  Very good food for snowy days but not so good for the old weight loss program.  I was thrilled that I only gained 1.8 pounds over the three weeks that I missed meetings (and the holidays, of course.)  Tomorrow's dinner will be fresh fish, brown rice and veggies.

The guy from Seattle and I decided that watching that much television was making us stupid so we started the Scrabble Tournament.  The score is two games to one and the last game was a real nail biter all the way down to the last play.  I like to make big beautiful words and he likes to block me.  Miss MoneyPenny did use some unseemly language on him.

Waste update:

We were stunned to find that our container of chopped tomatoes and avocados and a whole avocado had gone bad on us before we could use them in our second batch of tacos.

Cha Ching!!  $1.50 wasted.

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