Friday, January 13, 2012

Grocery Basket 1/13

Eee gads!  Miss MoneyPenny just realized that it is Friday the 13th!!  Well, it is five in the afternoon and we are still doing pretty good so maybe we are going to make it.  I understand that there will be three!! Friday the 13ths this year and it is 2012 to boot!!  Not to worry.  Let's go grocery shopping.

QFC has a nice sale this week.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Rosarita refried beans - $1/ea
Wild Alaska True Cod fillets - $5.99/lb
Red bell peppers - $1/ea
Driscolls blueberries - $3.99/18 oz
Jumbo eggplant - $1/ea
Cara Cara navel oranges - $1/lb
Zucchini - $1/lb
Primroses - $1/ea
Franz breads - $1.99

QFC is still running the Proctor & Gamble Buy 4/save $4 deal, so if you need to stock up, check with for coupons.

The guy from Seattle and I are trying to eat more locally when it comes to produce so we headed over to Chimacum Corners for apples, pears, lettuce, spuds, carrots and parsnips.  You cannot beat their organic Fujis and they are regularly $1.29 a pound.

At QFC we bought bananas, Franz whole wheat bread ($1.99), Silk almond milks ($2.79 plus we used two .75 coupons), International Delight creamer ($1 coupons), whole Ranger Chicken, sour cream, Rosarita refried black beans, split peas and white beans.

The plan is to roast the chicken, carrots, spuds and parsnips (in the oven, as we speak) then use the carcass and leftover veggies for soup.  The rest of the chicken will get shredded and bagged up in 8 ounce bags for the freezer.  We will use one of the bags for chicken tacos on Sunday while watching the games.

This great plan was thought up by the guy from Seattle and it really shows how you can stretch a chicken and have tasty meals.  We have been trying really hard not to waste a thing and this is a real challenge, let me tell you.  You have to be really on the ball to eat like this and I definitely am not during the work week when Seattle is not here.  Last week I pretty much dined on Special K for most meals.  Truly disgusting.

You may have noticed that I listed primroses this week.  I checked them out while we were at QFC and they were gorgeous, but I'm gonna wait until the weekend snow threat is over and we get back to some good old warm temps and rain.  The thing about primroses is the slugs and snails love them and my place seems to be the neighborhood breeding ground for them.  I buy my Sluggo at Costco and start the gardening year out by Sluggoing the entire perimeter of my house.  Slows them down and gives them something to think about, but these are Olympic Peninsula snails and they never give up.

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