Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kitchenaid Mixer Deal

Miss MoneyPenny was browsing Queen Bee Coupons and noticed that she was saying that Amazon.com has KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers on sale for $225.99, with free shipping.  Now, that is a good sale!!!  And that is not all - go to KitchenAid.com and print out the $30 rebate form.  I don't know how long the sale is, so if you are jonesing for one of those beauties, now is the time.  My favorite, and only son, got me one for my birthday a few years ago, in red.  If the house was on fire, I would grab it on the way out the door....along with my dogs, of course.

Miss MoneyPenny has been keeping house since 1967.  That is a long time and I have collected just tons of kitchen stuff and I bet you have, too.  I'm starting to realize that I always use the same cup and the same few pots and pans and bowls, etc.  I think that it is getting time for a purge.  Does that say something about my age?  I understand that you want to simplify when you get older.  Well, I must be getting close.

There are a few ways to do this.  I could have a big garage sale and hope that it sells.  Or I could donate it to ARC - they come and pick up, which is a nice idea.  ARC is a charity for developmentally challenged kids and I believe in that kind of thing.  I also have friends who own a thrift shop.  They are always happy to take things, too.

The point that I'm trying to drive home is that we all have STUFF that we no longer need or even want.  Why not make a few bucks for the old budget and clean out the house?  Or help somebody out.  Or do both.  Sell things that are more valuable and sellable, and donate the rest to charity.  Someone who is down on their luck and needing to set up their house would really appreciate some nice, gently used items.  And you would actually be able to see your new Kitcheaid mixer now that you have cleared all the excess stuff off your countertops.

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