Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coupons & Flyers 8/23

There was only one insert this Sunday in the paper.  I didn't get to see it until Monday, as someone stole my paper again!!!  As it was, there were only three coupons of interest:

Brita Pitcher - $4
Wisk - $2
Claritan - $6 off 42 count, expires 8/28

I will still mark the front of the insert (S/8/21) and file it because you can never tell when you might need it.  If not for me, maybe for the food bank.  Couponmom.com is a great resource for matching coupons to sales and she also lists the deals at Safeway, especially for people with kids, like herself.

Miss MoneyPenny is beginning to think that the grocery stores are in the dog days of summer, or on vacation.  The good sales have just not been there for awhile and prices are pretty high.  You would think that in August produce would at least be reasonable.  These are trying times for the grocery budget if you want to eat clean.  This is my preview of the sales starting 8/24:


Peaches/Nectarines - .99/lb
12 pack Coke products - buy 2, get 2 free, plus 2 bags of chips - good deal for parties or teenagers
Flu shot - get 10% off grocery bill


Country Style Pork Ribs - 1.99/lb
Dover Sole - 5.99/lb
Walla Walla Sweets - .88/lb
Pears - 10 lbs/$10 or $1 a pound
Cucumbers - 2/$1
S&W, Del Monte Canned Tomatoes - buy 10/save $5, making them .75 each.  This is when I stock up.
Washington Wines - 30% off, take additional 15% for six or more.  Good price.
Mums - 3/$10 in gallon sizes.  I thought I would take a look.  You know how Miss MoneyPenny loves QFC parking lot plants.

My garden is producing green beans and zucchini so I am only looking at the Walla Wallas and the cucumbers.  I can only eat so much produce.  I'll stock up on canned tomatoes since I make lots of soups in the fall and winter.  I should probably lay in some wine as my sister, Miss SmartyPants, is coming in September for the hot springs trip.  We tend to go through a lot of it when we are together, that we are winos, or anything.

I'll head over to World Peace Produce for summertime fruit since QFC thinks it is pear time.  I eat pears and apples in the fall and winter, not in the summer.  I don't even know where they got those pears.  Are they picking pears east of the mountains yet?  Seems early.

Don't forget the food bank.  QFC had tuna and pasta 10/$10, so I bought five of each and had them bag it separately from my stuff and then put it in the food bank container.  They are always piling junk on top of it, so it is hard to find.  The first time you will probably have to ask where it is.  I talked to one of the food bank ladies and she assures me that they pick up regularly.  I think that the average age of their volunteers is 80, so some of us who are getting close to retirement might think about helping out there.  We are a community and we help each other out.

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