Friday, August 12, 2011

Grocery Basket 8/12

Now, you know Miss MoneyPenny tries to be nice, but somebody needs to tell Safeway in Port Townsend that they have the most disgusting, filthy restroom that I have ever seen.  There is never any Texas T-Shirts (toilet seat covers) or paper towels, and the place is just dirty.  What gives?  Even WalMart has sparkling, clean restrooms.  Whew!  Glad I got that off my chest. 

Anyway, I worked the Buy $15 get $5 off freezer deal that Miss SmartyPants referred to in her comment.  She bought pizzas.  I bought Weight Watcher ice cream bars.  They were on sale for $3.99, so I bought 4 boxes, and got $5 off.  My bill came to $23 with a savings of 43%.  Items that were of interest to me were:

Organic carrots - .99/lb
Radishes - 2/$1
Romaine - .99
Kiwis - 2/$1

I also used the coupon in the flyer and got two International Delights for $2.49 each.  They are still running the 30% off Washington wines, buy 6 or more, and get 10% more off.  QFC is running the same deal but they are offering 15% off.  You can also go to the customer service desk, if you can find it, and they have tickets for $10 off the Puyallup Fair concert series.  I hear Hall & Oats are going to be there this year.

At QFC, I used two $1 coupons on my almond milks and forgot to buy the peaches.  I hate it when I do that.  Those peaches were the first thing on my list!  Of interest to me were:

PEACHES - $1.48/lb
Green beans - $1.28/lb
Broccoli - .88/lb
Cherries - $1.98/lb

My total bill came to $15.04 including the deli chicken breast and three slider burgers I picked up, for a savings of 43%.  Weird, both stores were 43%.  I have enough produce, so won't be stopping by World Peace this week.  I'm going to roast chicken from my freezer, hard boil eggs and broil slider burgers for protein.  I've got a lot of chicken in that freezer.  I stock up when the prize goes down.  When I get it home, I carefully divide it up into freezer bags, dating the bags when I remember.  I did have list on my freezer door of what was in there, but got really embarrassed when somebody thought I might be getting too Martha Stewarty.  It is a good idea, though.

Reminder!!!!  Gold is going for almost $2000 an ounce.  If you haven't dug around in your jewelery box for old stuff you never wear, now is the time.  I mentioned before that I had a few ratted up chains that were in this big mess.  I took them down to my local jeweller and got $221 for them.  But that is not the good part.  In that big mess was a pair of tiny, beautiful, fiery opal earrings that I had completely forgotten about.  I kept those.  Anyway, this is a great way to start funding your "occasional expenses" account, so you do not have to use your credit card when the plumber comes to your house.  He came to my house this morning.

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