Saturday, August 27, 2011

Car Talk

Miss MoneyPenny is a little uneasy talking about car care when things went bad after posting about critter care.  Since Suzette did come back from the edge, I think it might be safe to carry on.

I took my car to Costco to get my tires rotated today.  I bought new Michelin All Weather tires from them last year, using a $70 coupon, of course, and got free tire rotation for the life of the tires.  I know this is important because my dad was in the tire business.  I drive a 2003 Honda CR-V, nothing sexy, but with these tires and all-wheel drive, I can drive through most anything that Mother Nature throws at us.  Tires are very important and they also need their pressures checked regularly, along with the rotation.  Tires are cool and Miss MoneyPenny is thinking of replacing the plain wheels that came on the CR-V with something that will make it more sexy to other cars.

Miss MoneyPenny always buys new cars.  I know, I know - they loose value after you drive them out of the lot, but I drive my cars forever and take real good care of them.  Money maven, Suze Orman says, you have to drive your car for at least 10 years to get your value.  I believe in this.  In 1971, I bought a new VW bug for $2100 and sold it in 1986 for $5000.  I think that I got my money out of that car.  I buy new because I really need a dependable car.  I go crazy when my car breaks down, so I practice maintenance, instead of repair.

The most important thing that you can do for your car is to develop a close and loving relationship with a good mechanic.  It is public record that I actually married one.  Anyway, take your car in for regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance.  One of my "occasional expense" categories in my budget is for my car, so  I always have the money on hand.  If you aren't married to your mechanic, he will expect cash on the barrel head, at the time of service.  I pay close attention to what he has to say and I always ask lots of questions.  Hey, I'm paying him for his expertise.

Once a year, I get my car waxed and detailed.  This year, my sweet grandson did it for me.  Thank you Eli!!!!  The rest of the year, I take it up to the car wash and they give it a quick going over.  I always, always, always put Chevron gas in my car.  Three mechanics have told me to use this.  No cheap Safeway gas for me.  Miss Maggie May told me that a friend of hers learned the hard way when she had to take her late model car in from using that stuff.  Just a suggestion.

As soon as I get home from buying a new car, I start a folder and put everything regarding the care of that car into it.  I keep everything, including the stickers that came off of it.  Today, I put my receipt, with a zero balance, into the file.  When I sell the car, I hand over the file.  The last car I sold was to Miss Maggie May.  Now her grandson is driving it and it still looks like brand new. 

If you are wondering what happened to the file?  It seems that it got recycled.  So much for that, but usually a new owner is happy to have the history of the car.  Miss Maggie May will ask me if I had had some work or other done on the car when I had it.  I tell her to check the file.

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