Friday, August 5, 2011

Market Basket 8/5

Miss MoneyPenny had to take a little nap after her grandson went home today.  We sure had fun.  That guy can really eat.  He was working so hard detailing cars (5 cars!!) this week, that I was wore out, too.  I had to go out there last night at 10 PM and tell him it was dark and to come in and go to bed.  The upside is, it was so fun to have him here.  The downside is my dieting, so after downing four pieces of beautiful artisan chocolate that I was going to send to my sister Miss SmartyPants, I called a halt to crazy eating. 

The weekly flyers had some interesting things this week:

Safeway - Spend $75, get $10 off your next trip.  That is pretty easy for most families to do.  In fact, if Miss SmartyPants was here, she would take advantage of the 30% off Washington wines and easily spend $75.  And if you buy six bottles, take another 10% off. That is a good deal and a good example of stacking the deals.  They also had a Safeway coupon for Almond Breeze Milk for $2.49.  I will stack my two .55 coupons on top of that, getting them for $1.94 each.  Special K is part of the Buy 4 cereals for $10, so I will take advantage of that one, also.

QFC - Tide!!! Buy 2, Save $2.  The 50 oz liquid and 56 oz powder are on sale for $5.99.  If you buy 2, they will be $4.99 each.  I have 3 $1 coupons (7/31/P&G) and a $1 ecoupon loaded onto my card.  I'm buying 4 at $3.99 each.  Colgate toothpaste is on sale for .78.  I have four 50 cent coupons (7/24/SmartSource), so that makes each tube 28 cents!!!  I am also buying the Schwartz slider buns for $2.99.  I'm trying not to each so much bread, so these little, seedy buns make a great right-sized sandwich.

I need to use up the proteins in my freezer, so don't need any meat for awhile - unless I succumb to salmon.  World Peace Produce is where it is at for all my fruits and veggies this week.  My zucchinis are coming on in my garden and one of my blueberry bushes is ready to pick.  I'm going to barbecue up a couple of steaks and use them for salads and sandwiches and make up a batch of my "dull and tasteless" pasta (so named by my dear mother) and a big bowl of salad.  No more crazy eating.

After this last week, I tip my tiara to all the moms out there who are working and coming home and actually cooking dinner.  I have no idea how I did it when I worked two jobs and had a little boy.  We never ate out.  It was always home food.  I must have been a lot younger then.

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  1. You ATE my chocolate???!!!