Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puget Sound Energy, My New BFF

I'm sure that you are wondering where Miss MoneyPenny is going with this one, but stick with me.  Keep in mind that my goal is to maintain my chosen lifestyle on limited funds.

So, several weeks ago, I was listening to my favorite DJ, Marty Reimer on The Mountain (103.7 FM) and there was an ad saying that you could get a free water saving shower head for free from PSE by just going to their website and answering a couple of questions.  I had no idea that they had a website but I really needed a new shower head for the guest bathroom.  The old one was a real piece of crap.  In fact, the first time it was used, by Miss SmartyPants, no less, the whole thing flew out of the wall at her.  That was 16 years ago, so it was just awful.  I believe that my sister actually threatened me the last time she was up here.  Anyway, I went to their site and did the quick survey and 10 days later, a really nice shower head showed up in my mailbox.

While I was visiting their website, I noticed that they had some pretty cool deals on there and lots of information about your energy use.  I bet you didn't know that you could get a $100 rebate just for buying an appliance that is on their very long list.  Get this - if you buy your new fridge from their list, they will rebate you back $75 and pay you $30 to haul away and recycle your old one!  I find this all really exciting because my fridge is over 20 years old.  I keep the coils vacuumed like they say, but she is out there in the kitchen just sucking up energy like mad.  Never quits running.  I'm on my third ice maker with this old girl and I know she can't last forever, so I've been keeping my eyes open.

This is the best part.  PSE is running a promotion right now that I am going to win because I'm sure nobody else hangs out at their website.  The first prize is a front loading Whirlpool washer and dryer that sells for $2200.  The second prize is a Whirlpool refrigerator worth $2200.  The third prize is a top loading Whirlpool washer and dryer worth $2000.  I'm not interested in the first prize, but will definitely take the second or third one.  I believe the contest is over in October.  They have my phone number.

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  1. I open the blog today to see that my sister MMP must really need a life... Your new BFF is the power company? Really? I do admit that having the shower head blast off when you are in the middle of a shower is pretty funny... When I come to visit this September there will be a new shower head to great me! What could be more exciting?? (Now, I'm the one that needs a life...) I bought a washer and dryer last year and received $$ from the Energy Trust and will get a credit on my taxes for Oregon also. After reading this blog, I went on the PP&L website for Oregon and found that the Energy Trust will send you a free Energy Saver Kit. It includes 4 Energy Star Qualified Compact Flourescent light bulbs, 2 High performance Faucet Aerators, 1 High Performance Shower Head. Also, I found out that for my office I can get $$ for replacing my old flourescent fixtures. They give you $$ for delamping the old fixtures and $$ to install new ones. So, go ahead MMP and bring on more new BFFs! :-)