Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Coupons 8/8

There are so many good couponing sites out there, so Miss MoneyPenny will not be doing that.  I don't know how they keep track of all that without going insane, but I'm glad they do, because I use them.  Granted, they are geared toward families with children and I'm all done with that.  But, I still follow them because I do find things and I have learned a lot from them about this part of saving money. 

I really hate it when I have to pay full price.  Remember my mantra: buy at rock bottom, with coupons if you have them, and stock up until the next sale.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to buy four tubes of Colgate at 78 cents each, with four 50 cent coupons, making them 28 cents each.  I won't have to buy toothpaste until the next deal comes along, never paying full price.  My grocery basket usually looks a little weird because I'm probably stocking up on at least one item.  I always shop the loss leaders, but only if I need them, not just because it is a screaming deal.

What I'm trying to get around to is that there are a couple of coupons of note this week.  The first one is for Zyrtec and is $6 off the 24 count or larger.  The problem is that it expires on the 14th, so I am hoping that either Safeway or QFC will step up on this one and put it on sale this week.  Otherwise, I will use it anyway.  I was just sure I had bought enough this spring when it was on sale, but it has been a bad allergy year for me and I'm almost out.  The other one is for PetCareRx - $10 off and free shipping over $35.  This one doesn't expire until 9/30, so I am holding onto it, hoping for the daily double on Ebates.  Might help if I tell you where you can find these coupons.  The Zyrtec coupon is in the 8/7 RedPlum insert and PetCareRx is in the SmartSource insert.

I don't feel the least bit guilty or embarrassed using my coupons.  As far as I'm concerned, it is free money.  What's not to love?  But if you are worried that you are doing something dodgy, remember that coupons come out of the advertising budget of these companies that want your money.  So, have at it and save some money for things that you really enjoy - like a pedicure.  I have never enjoyed my groceries.

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  1. Come on now MMP.... You have never enjoyed your groceries? What about the pint of Bend and Jerry's? :-)

    Those coupons on the Zrtec and PetCare are great! Thanks for the heads up! I found a couple of bargains this week that added up to ome $$$ also. Bi-Mart had spiral notebooks (70 page whichis perfect for the grandkids and for my shopping lists) 8 for $1. Be careful though as I loaded 16 in my cart and then just happened to see the small print that said "Limit of 8" before I embarrassed myself at the checkstand. Also, Safeway had a 3 day ad that had a little coupon that was $5 off $15 of frozen foods, excluding meat. I bought 4 Safeway brand pizzas for 3.99 each on sale and my grandkids think these are better than the expensive ones. So, I got 4 good pizzas to have on hand for quick meals for less than $11.

    Now... I'm waiting for the sale on Ben and Jerrys to prove that I DO enjoy my groceries!