Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shopping Trip 8/13

Now, you know how Miss MoneyPenny is obsessive about making lists.  Apparently, I need to now start making a list when I go to the coffee stand.  When I went outside this morning to start the watering, I noticed right off that I did not receive my Sunday paper!!!  Again!!!  After complaining to the paper people, getting my laundry started, and cleaning my house, I decided to go up to the coffee stand and get a paper because I was planning on posting the interesting coupons today.  I thought that since I was there, I would get one of their yummy coffee drinks.  I carefully looked over their cookies and they gave Pici a doggie biscuit.  Then, I drove off, enjoying my coffee.  You guessed it!  I got home without the paper.

Anyway, yesterday, Miss Know-it-All (MKIA) and I, headed out for the big city.  MKIA had a $10 off $25 coupon for JC Penney that she wanted to use.  First, I dropped her off at Target and headed to my Weight Watcher meeting.  After the meeting, I went back to Target and used that $6 coupon for Zyrtec and a $5 Target gift card, getting my Zyrtec for $12.19.  I see that Costco has a coupon for $6 off for use starting 8/18 which I will also be using.  I hate this allergy thing.  It has become a pretty expensive habit.

We had a nice lunch at The Yacht Club, using a $10 coupon.  Our waitress gave us two more $10 coupons for next time.  We never tip on the discounted price - always on the full price, and a little more.  Both of us have done a lot of waitress work in our pasts and take good care of our waitresses and waiters.  Not only is that hard work, you also have to be charming - and have a really good memory.  I seems I have used mine all up.

After lunch, we headed to Macy's for the swimming suit sale.  We won't talk about how much fun trying on swimming suits is.  It looks like I will be wearing my old blue flowered number again this year when we go to the hot springs resort in September.  One year, when I was up there with my daughter-in-law and a friend, I hung my wet suit over the railing before going to bed.  Those two decided to go back to the lodge.  They told me in the morning that it was so dark trying to make their way back to our cabin that night, that they had to use the glow from my bathing suit as a guide.  You can understand why I've been looking for a new one.  But, I did get this little, slinky, long number:

It started out at $34.99.  By the time I got done with it, using my coupons and the sale, it was $15.99.  I think this will work after the wet bathing suit comes off.  The last two years it has been quite hot up there.  We will see how it goes this year.  It is the Olympic National Forest, after all.

At Penney's they let me use MKIA's $10 coupon and I got this top for $16.35:

Back at Macy's, we stopped at the Clarin's counter because my friend Debbie works there.  She is a very good salesperson because I walked away with some of their hand cream which she thinks is better than Origins.  Same price per ounce, but bigger size.  Don't you just hate it when you can't get any more hand cream out of the tube, but just know there is more in there?  I've been cutting off the bottom of the tube, and guess what?  There is almost another week or two left in there!!  When you pay that much for good hand cream, it has to be good to the last drop.

My sweet 16 year old grandson has been helping me to get pictures on.  I'm sorry that they are a little blurry, but this is like rocket science to me.  I think he was born with a computer attached.  So, for practice, I'm showing you some pictures of my babies.  The schnauzer with the ears is Pici, who is 11.  The other schnauzer is Suzette.  She is known for her set of lungs.  Then, there is Poppy, the Boston Terrier.  My son, the plumber, rescued her from a job site and thought she would be happy at Mom's house.

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