Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grocery Basket 9/3

Well, Miss MoneyPenny just learned a big lesson.  When the blogger people tell you that they have failed to save while you are writing your post, they mean it.  I finished my post and thought that it looked pretty good and hit "post."  Nothing.  I'm thinking that maybe I was doing too much ranting and raving and opinionating, so they sent me to the showers, as my dear old dad used to say.  With that in mind, here is what I put in my grocery basket this week:

Safeway -

Buy 4 Get $4 off -
1 large bottle Tabasco - 2.29
1 Grey Poupon - 2.09
2 Best Foods mayonnaise - 4.98

2 large cans of light whip cream - 4.99
(I like to spritz my smoothies)

1 cantaloupe - $2
3 lbs bananas - 2.25

6 pack Stella beer for my granddaughter's birthday BBQ - 11.49


Buy 4 Get $4 off -
3 family sized Puffs - 2.97
17 lbs Iams dog food - 16.99
The $1 ecoupon that I loaded onto my card did not come off my total.  Very irritating.

1 Silk almond milk - 3.29
1 Almond Breeze milk - 3.89
Slider buns - 2.99

I'm eating green beans, cherry tomatoes, blackberries and blueberries like mad, as they are coming on like gang busters.  I have one steak left after that steak deal I did earlier this summer and it will do three meals.  I've got Costco salad and I will pick up salmon on Monday for $8.99/lb.  That should do it, along with Costco oatmeal and Special K.

I almost forgot.  I'm trading green beans with Mr. SuperGenius for his homegrown potatoes.  He has grown several different kinds this year and I'm really looking forward to them

Here's a recipe for you:

Green beans
Cherry tomatoes
1T olive oil
Salt & pepper

Toss all together and spread on sheet pan.  Roast at 400 until tomatoes pop.  Add feta cheese to melt and a few drops of red wine vinegar at serving, then eat it.

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  1. Dear MissMoneyPenny,
    What are Family Sized Puffs, please?
    Your recipe sounds great - I especially like cooking the tomatoes until they pop!