Saturday, September 24, 2011

Costco and PetSmart Day

Miss MoneyPenny was going to hit the Macy sale after Weight Watchers today but after spending $122 at Costco, she had to go home and sit down.  Costco had good coupons for a lot of their supplements and things like that that I use regularly.  I'm here to tell you that stuff is not cheap but I believe in them and that is half the battle.  Until I was 45, all the pills that I took could be summed up in a birth control pill and a monthly headache aspirin.  Those were the days.  My sister, Miss SmartyPants, called yesterday and asked me what did it mean when you went to the drug store and bought one of those seven day pill holders.  Honey Lamb - it means you've crossed over and the next step is Depends.

Anyway, without those coupons my eye drops and supplements would have cost $140, so I really stocked up.  If I had purchased them at my local grocery store they probably would have been at least $200 - easy.  I have this sneaky feeling that if I become a bag lady, my eye drops may not be in my monthly budget, so that is what all this is about - avoiding the shopping cart with all my worldly possessions safely tucked in a black garbage bag.

PetSmart went much better.  In fact, the cashier was impressed.  I had $14 in coupons for Nutro and ProPlan dog food, plus PetSmart had emailed me a 15% off coupon.  So after scanning my loyalty card, I was able to get the sale prices, which is kind of unfriendly but almost all the stores are doing it these days.  No card = no sale price.  What is with that?  Anyway, the end result was that I got 16 pounds of quality dog food for $18.92, including tax, instead of $42.86.  It adds up.

When I got back to town, I dropped by QFC to cherry pick their loss leaders.  There was a man panhandling where you turn in to the parking lot.  At the door, the Disabled Vets were giving away little poppies for a donation.  I am thrilled to give to those guys.  As I was leaving, there was a "blind" man with a cane and a gas can asking for change.  I'm wondering how blind he was because he called
me "ma'am."  I told him that I gave my last $2 to the vets and not to call me "ma'am."  Good grief!!!  I know it is almost the end of the month but this is crazy.  Is this what our men are coming to?  Flat scares the hell out of me.

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