Friday, September 9, 2011

Grocery Basket 9/9

Miss MoneyPenny is not shopping this weekend because it is HOT SPRINGS WEEKEND!!!  I save all year for this.  This includes the cabin, massage and eating at the Lodge, plus all the laying around in the hot springs.  This year my sister Miss SmartyPants is joining Miss Know-it-All and myself to celebrate her birthday.  And this is the exciting part - because Miss MoneyPennny is 62, she can get the lifetime free pass to all the National Parks for $10!!!  Normally it costs us $15 every year to get into the park.  No more!!  My dear old dad told me to be sure and take advantage of all the senior discounts.  He would be proud because I've taken it to the limit.

Okay - QFC is having another one of their 10/$10 sales.  This includes peaches, pears, peppers, oranges and Roma tomatoes.  Miss CutiePie brought up a good point yesterday.  You do not have to buy 10 pounds or 10 peppers to get the sale.  What it breaks down to is $1 per pound or $1 per pepper.  It scares me when I think of the shoppers who either try to eat 10 pounds of pears or 10 peppers before they go bad.  EEK!  Or worse - not taking advantage of the sale.  Also, first aid type stuff is also 10/$10.  This includes cotton balls, alcohol, etc.  They also have Stella beer on for $7.99 for a six pack.  My granddaughter turned me onto Stella.  Good beer.

Of course my sister had the last word on my Costco post.  She's always been that way.  So here is her comment:

Miss Smarty Pants said...
Good thing you added "step" in front of sister! You also won't find slug bait and potting soil cheaper anywhere. Costco rotisserie chickens are the biggest and best! I got my Verizon cell phone there. You not only get the best price, but it adds to your Costco rebate. Did you forget to mention the Am Ex and Membership Costco rebate? Now that I have 3 grandchildren that live with me I once again have no problem using things up by the expiration date. By the way.. DID I MENTION THAT SCHOOL STARTED TODAY!!! Imagine, being almost 59 and excited about the first day of school again....

She is right.  I did forget a lot of stuff.  I also got my Droid there and really cute, well made flip flops for the summer.  I'll be sure and check next year for them.  The rebate that she is talking about is a really good one.  The deal is you sign up for your Costco American Express card and get real money put into an account.  I believe that it is 4% for gas, 2% for restaurants and 1% for everything else.  I use my card all the time, and every week I add up my receipts and bill pay American Express so I don't carry a balance.  They are hoping that I will, of course.  Then come February or March in your Am Ex bill will be a check.  You do have to cash it at Costco but you don't have to spend it there.  Last year I think, if I remember right, my check was around $150.  My sister and my son also use theirs for business, so they get a real nice check.  See - money for nothing!!

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