Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hot Springs Weekend

Miss MoneyPenny had such a terrific time at the Hot Springs this past weekend that she still hasn't caught her breath.  It was really hot up there this time so we didn't spend a lot of time in the hot springs.  So we ate and drank and talked until we were blue in the face.  And laughed, of course.  Here is a picture of our cabin:

The cabins are rustic - but not as bad as they were 20 years ago.  I'm not making this up - I rubbed against the wall and got a splinter the first time I was there.  There is no TV, radio, Internet or cell service but the food is very good and you can't beat the scenery.  We also had a swing by the creek, which other people thought that they could use too.  We were very territorial about the swing.  Here is a picture of my sister and I having an early morning chat:

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to get my National Parks & Forests Senior Pass.  This is a great deal and if you are 62 or over, take advantage of this.  It was $10!!! and is good for the rest of my life!!!  As long as I'm in the car, armed with my pass, everybody gets in free.  My sister, who is only 59, does a lot of hiking and other wild and crazy outdoor activities.  She's planning on taking me and my little card along with her on some of her adventures.  Her idea of fun is my idea of pure hell.  I know there will be snakes.  We'll stick to places that you don't have sleep on the ground in a tent.  Shudder!!  Here is my card, complete with tiara:

And here is a picture of my two sisters:

My sister, the accountant, figured out our bill and it came to about $200 a piece for everything, including our meals at the lodge, with the cute waiter.  That is pretty reasonable for two nights and all the other stuff.  What was not reasonable was the $203 that I paid to board my babies and then the $80 for the flea medication.  They picked up some of the biggest and meanest fleas I've ever encountered at the doggie hotel.  They are not due for more flea medicine for another two weeks, so I called my vet and asked what to do.  She said I needed to put a different brand of flea stuff on them that worked in a different way than my usual stuff or else there could be a problem.  So now we are looking at a total of $483 for the weekend.  It was worth every penny.

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  1. It does look like it was worth every penny, although I'm not sure the pooches would agree...LOL! What a fun weekend. I want one of those swings.